Some tools to play with GnuPG’s smartcard daemon and OpenPGP smartcards.
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.TH SCDTOTP 18/12/2014 "scdtools @PACKAGE_VERSION@"
scdtotp \- Generate one-time passwords from an OpenPGP smartcard
.SY scdtotp
.RB [ \-h | --help ]
.RB [ \-v | --version ]
.RB [ \-t | --time
.IR seconds ]
.RB [ \-p | --period
.IR seconds ]
.RB [ \-w | --window
.IR N ]
.RB [ \-d | --digits
.IR N ]
.RB [ \-m | --mac-algo
.IR algo ]
.RB [ \-n | --private-do
.IR N ]
.B scdtotp
generates time-based one-time passwords (TOTP) as per
RFC 6238 derived from a key it finds in the private data
object 1 (Private DO 1) of an OpenPGP smartcard.
The program depends on
.I scdaemon
(part of GnuPG) to interact with a card reader and the
card itself.
.BR -h ", " --help
Display the help message.
.BR -v ", " --version
Display the version message.
.BR -t ", " --time " " \fiseconds\fR
Generate password for the specified time in seconds
instead of current time.
.BR -p ", " --period " " \fiN\fR
Force a period of \fiN\fR seconds. The default period
is 30 seconds, unless specified otherwise on the card.
.BR -w ", " --window " " \fiN\fR
Generate password for \fiN\fR time window around the
current time.
.BR -d ", " --digits " " \fiN\fR
Output a password of
.I N
digits. The default value is 6, unless another
value is specified on the smartcard.
.BR -m ", " --mac-algo " " \fialgo\fR
Select the HMAC algorithm to use among
\fisha1\fR, \fisha256\fR, or \fisha512\fR.
The default is \fisha1\fR, unless another
algorithm is specified on the smartcard.
.BR -n ", " --private-do " " \fiN\fR
Read key from private DO slot #\fiN\fR
(default is @DEFAULT_PRIVATE_DO@.)
Report bugs to
Damien Goutte-Gattat
.ME .
.BR scdaemon (1),
.BR oathtool (1)
.ad l
Copyright \(co 2014,2015 Damien Goutte-Gattat
This program is released under the GNU General Public License.
See the COPYING file in the source distribution or
.UE .