A task-oriented GnuPG frontend
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Yorkie - A task-oriented GnuPG frontend


Yorkie is a GTK3-based, task-oriented graphical frontend for GnuPG. “Task-oriented” means that, when it is called, the frontend performs a single task (e.g., encrypting a file), then quits. Therefore Yorkie is not a replacement for long-running frontends such as GPA. The intended use for Yorkie is to be called from the context menu of a graphical file manager, to perform cryptographic operations on files.

The frontend gets its name from yorkie (symbol yki), a fruit fly gene coding for a transcriptional co-activator that is a part of the Hippo signaling pathway.


Yorkie depends on the following libraries:

  • libgpgme, to perform all cryptographic operations.

  • GTK3 (and underlying libraries such as GLib), for the graphical user interface.


Yorkie is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License, version 3 or higher. The full license is included in the COPYING file of the source distribution.