User limits utility.
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Changes in ulimits 0.3.3
* Set the umask value (K=) in exec mode.
Changes in ulimits 0.3.2
* Add support for @group syntax (thanks to Vlad Glagolev).
Changes in ulimits 0.3.1
* Fix crash when no limit string is available.
* Support unlimited value for individual limits.
Changes in ulimits 0.3.0
* Use setrlimit(2) when prlimit(2) is not available.
* Execute an arbitrary command with the applied limits.
Changes in ulimits 0.2.0
* Recognize N, R, K and P limits.
* Accept (but ignore) L limit.
* Support single dash syntax, which disables all limits.
* Compile on systems without prlimit(2).
* Check type and permissions on the limits file.