Some SlackBuild scripts for Slackware.
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Damien Goutte-Gattat fc4e6d98a3 xap/zotero: Upgraded to zotero-5.0.55. 4 years ago
ardour xap/ardour: Upgraded to ardour-4.7. 6 years ago
awesome xap/awesome: Upgraded to awesome-4.2. 5 years ago
calibre l/pycrypto: Removed (replaced by pycryptodome). 5 years ago
cantata xap/cantata: Upgraded to cantata-2.0.1. 6 years ago
cardpeek xap/cardpeek: Upgraded to cardpeek-0.8.4. 6 years ago
cgoban xap/cgoban: Added cgoban-1.9.14. 11 years ago
digikam xap/digikam: Upgraded to digikam-4.14.0. 6 years ago
dmenu xap/dmenu: Upgraded to dmenu-4.5. 10 years ago
docear xap/docear: Added docear-1.2.0. 5 years ago
evince xap/evince: Upgraded to evince-3.28.0. 5 years ago
ffmpeg xap/ffmpeg: Upgraded to ffmpeg-3.4.4. 4 years ago
fiji xap/fiji: Upgraded to fiji-20151222. 6 years ago
firetools xap/firetools: Upgraded to firetools-0.9.50. 5 years ago
fontforge xap/fontforge: Upgraded to fontforge-20160404. 6 years ago
gajim xap/gajim: Added gajim-0.16.6. 6 years ago
gigolo xap/gigolo: Upgraded to gigolo-0.4.2. 6 years ago
goldendict xap/goldendict: Add dependency to xap/ffmpeg. 6 years ago
gpac xap/gpac: Upgraded to gpac-0.6.1. 6 years ago
grisbi xap/grisbi: Added goffice support. 9 years ago
inkscape xap/inkscape: Upgraded to inkscape-0.92.0. 6 years ago
jmol xap/jmol: Upgraded to jmol-14.6.1. 6 years ago
libreoffice xap/libreoffice: Added dependency to avahi. 4 years ago
lxappearance xap/lxappearance: Added lxappearence-0.6.2. 6 years ago
mupdf xap/mupdf: Upgraded to mupdf-1.11. 5 years ago
obs-studio xap/obs-studio: Added obs-studio-21.1.1. 5 years ago
omero-insight n/omero-server: Upgraded to omero-server-5.4.7. 4 years ago
owncloudclient xap/owncloudclient: Upgraded to owncloudclient-2.4.3. 4 years ago
pasystray xap/pasystray: Added pasystray-0.6.0. 6 years ago
pcmanfm xap/pcmanfm: Upgraded to pcmanfm-1.2.4. 7 years ago
pcsxr-pgxp xap/pcsxr-pgxp: Added pcsxr-pgxp-gb117a70f. 5 years ago
pymol xap/pymol: Upgraded to pymol- 6 years ago
qalculate-gtk xap/qalculate-gtk: Added qalculate-gtk-0.9.11. 6 years ago
qemu xap/qemu: Upgraded to qemu-2.11.0. 5 years ago
qjackctl xap/qjackctl: Upgraded to qjackctl-0.4.2. 7 years ago
qownnotes xap/qownnotes: Added qownnotes-18.04.4. 4 years ago
qpdfpresenterconsole xap/qpdfpresenterconsole: Rebuilt against ffmpeg-3.2.4. 6 years ago
qsynth xap/qsynth: Upgraded to qsynth-0.4.1. 6 years ago
qtractor xap/qtractor: Upgraded to qtractor-0.7.8. 6 years ago
ring-gnome-client xap/ring-gnome-client: Added ring-gnome-client-20180718.1.af8399f. 4 years ago
rosegarden xap/rosegarden: Upgraded to rosegarden-16.02. 7 years ago
rxvt-unicode xap/rxvt-unicode: Fix version number in 6 years ago
scribus xap/scribus: Upgraded to scribus-1.4.6. 6 years ago
seahorse xap/seahorse: Upgraded to seahorse-3.20.0. 6 years ago
snes9x xap/snes9x: Updated for Slackware-14.0. 10 years ago
treeline xap/treeline: Upgraded to treeline-1.4.1. 11 years ago
ugene xap/ugene: Upgraded to ugene-1.30.0. 4 years ago
uzbl xap/uzbl: Fixed detection of running event-manager. 6 years ago
veracrypt xap/veracrypt: Added veracrypt-1.21. 5 years ago
viking xap/viking: Added viking-1.6.2. 6 years ago
vlc xap/vlc: Rebuilt against ffmpeg-3.2.4. 6 years ago
wireshark xap/wireshark: Upgraded to wireshark-2.0.4. 6 years ago
xchm xap/xchm: Upgraded to xchm-1.23. 9 years ago
xfburn xap/xfburn: Upgraded to xfburn-0.5.4. 7 years ago
zotero xap/zotero: Upgraded to zotero-5.0.55. 4 years ago
zynaddsubfx xap/zynaddsubfx: Upgraded to synaddsubfx-3.0.1. 6 years ago