Some SlackBuild scripts for Slackware.
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Damien Goutte-Gattat 4eb5bed236 xap/xournal: Upgraded to xournal-0.4.7. 10 years ago
anjuta gnome/anjuta: Upgraded to anjuta- 12 years ago
devhelp gnome/devhelp: Upgraded to devhelp-2.32.0. 11 years ago
evolution gnome/evolution: Upgraded to evolution-3.4.4. 10 years ago
evolution-data-server gnome/evolution-data-server: Upgraded to evolution-data-server-3.4.4. 10 years ago
gconf-editor gnome/gconf-editor: Added gconf-editor-2.32.0. 11 years ago
gconfmm Move GNOME *mm libraries to l/. 10 years ago
gdl gnome/gdl: Upgraded to gdl-2.30.1. 11 years ago
gitg gnome/gitg: Added gitg-0.0.6. 12 years ago
gnome-desktop gnome/gnome-desktop: Upgraded to gnome-desktop-3.4.2. 10 years ago
gnome-doc-utils gnome/gnome-doc-utils: Added gnome-doc-utils-0.20.6. 11 years ago
gnome-keyring-sharp gnome/gnome-keyring-sharp: Fix path of pkg-config files. 12 years ago
gnome-mime-data gnome/gnome-mime-data: Added gnome-mime-data-2.18.0. 12 years ago
gnome-sharp gnome/gnome-sharp: Added gnome-sharp-2.24.1. 12 years ago
gnome-vfs gnome/gnome-vfs: Updated dependencies for Slackware-14.0. 10 years ago
gnome-vfsmm Move GNOME *mm libraries to l/. 10 years ago
gthumb gnome/gthumb: Added gthumb-2.10.12. 12 years ago
gtkhtml gnome/gtkhtml: Upgraded to gtkhtml-4.4.4. 10 years ago
json-glib gnome/json-glib: Upgraded to json-glib-0.14.2. 10 years ago
libbonobo gnome/libbonobo: Upgraded to libbonobo-2.32.1. 11 years ago
libbonoboui gnome/libbonoboui: Upgraded to libbonoboui-2.24.5. 11 years ago
libgda gnome/libgda: Upgraded to libgda-4.0.9. 12 years ago
libgdata gnome/libgdata: Upgraded to libgdata-0.12. 10 years ago
libgee gnome/libgee: Upgraded to libgee-0.6.6. 10 years ago
libglademm Move GNOME *mm libraries to l/. 10 years ago
libgnome gnome/libgnome: Upgraded to libgnome-2.32.1. 11 years ago
libgnome-keyring gnome/libgnome-keyring: Upgraded to libgnome-keyring-2.32.0. 11 years ago
libgnomecanvas gnome/libgnomecanvas: Updated dependencies list. 10 years ago
libgnomecanvasmm Move GNOME *mm libraries to l/. 10 years ago
libgnomemm Move GNOME *mm libraries to l/. 10 years ago
libgnomeui gnome/libgnomeui: Upgraded to libgnomeui-2.24.5. 11 years ago
libgnomeuimm gnome/libgnomeuimm: Added libgnomeuimm-2.28.0. 11 years ago
libsoup Revert "gnome/libsoup: Upgraded to libsoup-2.36.0." 10 years ago
libunique gnome/libunique: Upgraded to libunique-3.0.2. 10 years ago
libxml++ Move GNOME *mm libraries to l/. 10 years ago
planner gnome/planner: Added planner-0.14.4. 12 years ago
referencer gnome/referencer: Added referencer-1.1.6. 11 years ago
shotwell gnome/shotwell: Upgraded to shotwell-0.12.3. 10 years ago
swfdec-gnome gnome/swfdec-gnome: Added swfdec-gnome-2.30.0. 12 years ago
xournal xap/xournal: Upgraded to xournal-0.4.7. 10 years ago