Some SlackBuild scripts for Slackware.
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Damien Goutte-Gattat 93cf0a8f17 ap/unrar: Upgraded to unrar-5.3.11. 7 years ago
EMBOSS ap/EMBOSS: Updated for Slackware-14.0. 10 years ago
RNAstructure ap/RNAstructure: Add rna launcher script. 9 years ago
a2jmidid ap/a2jmidid: Updated for Slackware-14.1. 9 years ago
acpica-tools ap/acpica-tools: Upgraded to acpica-tools-20150515. 7 years ago
adfgvx ap/adfgvx: Upgraded to adfgvx-0.2.2. 10 years ago
clamav ap/clamav: Upgraded to clamav-0.99. 7 years ago
cryptmount ap/cryptmount: Added cryptmount-5.0. 8 years ago
djmount ap/djmount: Fixed 64-bits issues. 11 years ago
docbook ap/docbook: Upgraded xsl-ns stylesheets to 1.78.1. 9 years ago
docbook2odf ap/docbook2odf: Added docbook2odf-0.244. 12 years ago
dssp ap/dssp: Upgraded to dssp-2.2.1. 9 years ago
ecasound ap/ecasound: Added ecasound-2.9.1. 7 years ago
epubcheck ap/epubcheck: Added epubcheck-3.0.1. 9 years ago
fakeroot ap/fakeroot: Upgraded to fakeroot-1.20.2. 7 years ago
fatsort ap/fatsort: Upgraded to fatsort-1.2.355. 9 years ago
firejail ap/firejail: Added firejail-0.9.28. 7 years ago
fluidsynth ap/fluidsynth: Updated dependencies. 9 years ago
foo2zjs ap/foo2zjs: Upgraded to foo2zjs-20131209. 9 years ago
fop ap/fop: Upgraded to fop-2.0. 7 years ago
gmic ap/gmic: Upgraded to gmic- 8 years ago
gnome-xcf-thumbnailer ap/gnome-xcf-thumbnailer: Added gnome-xcf-thumbnailer-1.0. 8 years ago
graphviz ap/graphviz: Upgraded to graphviz-2.38.0. 7 years ago
id3v2 ap/id3v2: Removed empty changelog. 9 years ago
jack ap/jack: Upgraded to jack2-1.9.10. 8 years ago
lame ap/lame: Upgraded to lame-3.99. 10 years ago
ldapvi Fix automatic detection of architecture 12 years ago
lilypond ap/lilypond: Upgraded to lilypond-2.18.2. 7 years ago
mapmaker ap/mapmaker: Upgraded to mapmaker-0.3.0. 8 years ago
mkvtoolnix ap/mkvtoolnix: Upgraded to mkvtoolnix-8.2.0. 7 years ago
monkeysphere ap/monkeysphere: Protect configuration files. 9 years ago
mpc ap/mpc: Upgraded to mpc-0.25. 9 years ago
mpd ap/mpd: Upgraded to mpd-0.19.10. 7 years ago
msva-perl ap/msva-perl: Daemonize the agent properly. 9 years ago
muscle Fix automatic detection of architecture 12 years ago
ncbi-blast ap/ncbi-blast: Upgraded to ncbi-blast-2.2.31. 7 years ago
ncmpc ap/ncmpc: Upgraded to ncmpc-0.24. 7 years ago
openbabel ap/openbabel: Upgraded to openbabel-2.3.2. 9 years ago
opensc ap/opensc: Upgraded to opensc-0.15.0. 7 years ago
p7zip ap/p7zip: Upgraded to p7zip-9.20.1. 10 years ago
paperkey ap/paperkey: Fix usage of JOBS variable. 9 years ago
par2 ap/par2: Upgraded to par2-0.4. 12 years ago
postgresql ap/postgresql: Upgraded to postgresql-9.4.4. 7 years ago
primer3 ap/primer3: Upgraded to primer3-2.3.6. 9 years ago
pwgen ap/pwgen: Upgraded to pwgen-2.07. 7 years ago
rnv ap/rnv: Added rnv-1.7.8. 9 years ago
scdtools ap/scdtools: Upgraded to scdtools-0.3.2. 7 years ago
seqtools ap/seqtools: Upgraded to seqtools-4.35. 7 years ago
t1utils ap/t1utils: Upgraded to t1utils-1.39. 7 years ago
tesseract ap/tesseract: Upgraded to tesseract-3.02.02. 9 years ago
testdisk ap/testdisk: Upgraded to testdisk-7.0. 7 years ago
threeB ap/threeB: Updated. 9 years ago
treebest ap/treebest: Updated. 9 years ago
ulimits ap/ulimits: Upgraded to ulimits-0.3.2. 8 years ago
unrar ap/unrar: Upgraded to unrar-5.3.11. 7 years ago
wait4 ap/wait4: Upgraded to wait4-0.3.0. 10 years ago
xalan-j ap/xalan-j: Upgraded to xalan-j-2.7.2. 7 years ago