Some SlackBuild scripts for Slackware.
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Damien Goutte-Gattat e6c783d8e6 l/markupsafe: Added markupsafe-0.21. 8 years ago
apache-xml-resolver apache-xml: Updated downloading location. 10 years ago
apsw l/apsw: Added apsw-3.7.17. 8 years ago
atkmm l/atkmm: Upgraded to atkmm-2.22.7. 8 years ago
aubio Revert "l/aubio: Upgraded to aubio-0.4.0." 8 years ago
belle-sip l/belle-sip: Added belle-sip-1.3.0. 8 years ago
biopython l/biopython: Upgraded to biopython-1.63. 8 years ago
cairomm Move GNOME *mm libraries to l/. 9 years ago
calf l/calf: Updated. 8 years ago
ccid l/ccid: Added ccid-1.4.12. 8 years ago
celt051 l/celt051: Added celt051- 8 years ago
cheetah l/cheetah: Upgraded to cheetah-2.4.4. 11 years ago
cunit l/cunit: Upgraded to cunit-2.1.2. 8 years ago
dbus-python3 l/dbus-python3: Added dbus-python3-1.2.0. 8 years ago
dnspython l/dnspython: Upgraded to dnspython-1.11.1. 8 years ago
dnspython3 l/dnspython3: Added dnspython3. 8 years ago
dssi l/dssi: Upgraded to dssi-1.1.1. 10 years ago
faad2 l/faad2: Updated. 11 years ago
fltk l/fltk: Upgraded to fltk-1.2.3. 9 years ago
gimp-resynthesizer l/gimp-resynthesizer: Updated. 8 years ago
gimp-separate l/gimp-separate: Patched for Slackware-14.0. 9 years ago
glibmm l/glibmm: Upgraded to glibmm-2.36.2. 8 years ago
goffice l/goffice: Added goffice-0.8.17. 8 years ago
gsl l/gsl: Upgraded to gsl-1.16. 8 years ago
gst-plugins-base-1 l/gst-plugins-base-1: Added gst-plugins-base-1-1.2.1. 8 years ago
gstreamer-1 l/gstreamer-1: Added gstreamer-1-1.2.1. 8 years ago
gtkmm l/gtkmm: Upgraded to gtkmm-2.24.4. 8 years ago
gtksourceview l/gtksourceview: Updated. 8 years ago
gvars l/gvars: Added gvars-3.0. 8 years ago
hdf5 l/hdf5: Upgraded to hdf5-1.8.12. 8 years ago
id3lib l/id3lib: Updated for Slackware-13.0. 12 years ago
ipaddr-py l/ipaddr-py: Added ipaddr-py-2.1.11. 8 years ago
jinja2 l/jinja2: Added jinja2-2.7.2. 8 years ago
json-c l/json-c: Added json-c-0.11. 8 years ago
ldns l/ldns: Added ldns-1.6.16. 9 years ago
leptonica l/leptonica: Upgraded to leptonica-1.69. 8 years ago
lgi l/lgi: Upgraded to lgi-0.7.2. 8 years ago
liba52 l/liba52: Updated. 8 years ago
libatlas l/libatlas: Updated. 8 years ago
libburn l/libburn: Upgraded to libburn-1.3.4. 8 years ago
libconfig l/libconfig: Added libconfig-1.4.9. 8 years ago
libcvd l/libvcd: Added libvcd-20121025. 8 years ago
libdvdcss l/libdvdcss: Upgraded to libdvdcss-1.2.13. 8 years ago
libebml l/libebml: Upgraded to libebml-1.3.0. 8 years ago
libffado l/libffado: Upgraded to libffado-2.1.0. 8 years ago
libgnomecanvas l/libgnomecanvas: Moved from gnome/. 8 years ago
libgnomecanvasmm l/libgnomecanvasmm: Moved from gnome/. 8 years ago
libiec61883 l/libiec61883: Updated download source. 8 years ago
libisofs l/libisofs: Upgraded to libisofs-1.3.4. 8 years ago
liblo l/liblo: Fix automatic detection of architecture. 11 years ago
liblrdf l/liblrdf: Upgraded to liblrdf-0.5.0. 9 years ago
libmatroska l/libmatroska: Upgraded to libmatroska-1.4.1. 8 years ago
libmpdclient l/libmpdclient: Upgraded to libmpdclient-2.7. 8 years ago
libofx gnome/libxml++: Removed. 8 years ago
libsigc++ Move GNOME *mm libraries to l/. 9 years ago
libupnp l/libupnp: Upgraded to libupnp-1.6.19. 8 years ago
libvpx l/libvpx: Upgraded to libvpx-1.2.0. 8 years ago
libwebp l/libwebp: Added libwebp-0.3.1. 8 years ago
libxdg-basedir l/libxdg-basedir: Updated download link. 8 years ago
lilv-0 l/lilv-0: Updated dependencies. 8 years ago
log4c l/log4c: Upgraded to lo4c-1.2.4. 8 years ago
luafilesystem l/luafilesystem: Upgraded to luafilesystem-1.6.2. 8 years ago
luasocket l/luasocket: Updated. 8 years ago
lv2 l/lv2: Upgraded to lv2-1.6.0. 8 years ago
markupsafe l/markupsafe: Added markupsafe-0.21. 8 years ago
matplotlib l/matplotlib: Added matplotlib-1.3.1. 8 years ago
mm-common Move GNOME *mm libraries to l/. 9 years ago
mxml l/mxml: Upgraded to mxml-2.7. 9 years ago
numexpr l/numexpr: Upgraded to numexpr-2.2.2. 8 years ago
numpy l/numpy: Upgraded to numpy-1.7.0. 9 years ago
oath-toolkit l/oath-toolkit: Added oath-toolkit-2.4.0. 8 years ago
opus l/opus: Upgraded to opus-1.0.3. 8 years ago
pangomm l/pangomm: Upgraded to pangomm-2.34.0. 8 years ago
pcsc-lite Add daemon control script 8 years ago
pmw l/pmw: Downgraded to pmw-1.3.3. 9 years ago
podofo l/podofo: Upgraded to podofo-0.9.2. 8 years ago
polarssl l/polarssl: Added polarssl-1.3.4. 8 years ago
psycopg2 l/psycopg2: Upgraded to psycopg2-2.5.1. 8 years ago
pyasn1 l/pyasn1: Added pyasn1-0.1.7. 8 years ago
pyasn1-modules l/pyasn1-modules: Added pyasn1-modules-0.0.5. 8 years ago
pygments l/pygments: Upgraded to pygments-1.6. 8 years ago
pynotify2 l/pynotify2: Added pynotify2-0.3. 8 years ago
pyopengl l/pyopengl: Added pyopengl-3.0.2. 8 years ago
pyopenssl l/pyopenssl: Added pyopenssl-0.11. 11 years ago
pyparsing l/pyparsing: Added pyparsing-2.0.1. 8 years ago
pytables l/pytables: Downgraded to pytables-2.4.0. 8 years ago
python-cssutils l/python-cssutils-1.0: Upgraded to python-cssutils-1.0. 8 years ago
python-dateutil l/python-dateutil: Updated. 8 years ago
python-lxml l/python-lxml: Upgraded to python-lxml-3.2.4. 8 years ago
python-mechanize l/python-mechanize: Updated dependencies. 9 years ago
python-netifaces l/python-netifaces: Updated. 8 years ago
python-psutil l/python-psutil: Upgraded to python-psutil-1.2.1. 8 years ago
python-yenc l/python-yenc: Upgraded to python-yenc-0.4.0. 8 years ago
pyzmq l/pyzmq: Upgraded to pyzmq-14.0.1. 8 years ago
qrencode l/qrencode: Upgraded to qrencode-3.4.3. 8 years ago
qtkeychain l/qtkeychain: Renamed. 8 years ago
rdflib l/rdflib: Added rdflib-4.0.1. 8 years ago
reportlab l/reportlab: Upgraded to reportlab-2.7. 8 years ago
scipy l/scipy: Added scipy-0.13.3. 8 years ago
scute l/scute: Added scute-1.4.0. 8 years ago
serd-0 l/serd-0: Added serd-0.18.2. 9 years ago
sord-0 l/sord-0: Upgraded to sord-0.12.0. 8 years ago
speex l/speex: Added speex-1.2rc1. 12 years ago
spice l/spice: Disabled smartcard support. 8 years ago
spice-protocol l/spice-protocol: Added spice-protocol-0.12.6. 8 years ago
sratom-0 l/sratom-0: Updated dependencies. 8 years ago
suil-0 l/suil-0: Upgraded to suil-0-0.6.16. 8 years ago
tag l/tag: Added tag-20130813. 8 years ago
toon l/toon: Added toon-2.1. 8 years ago
vtk l/vtk: Updated. 8 years ago
webkit l/webkit: Fix compilation with gtk-2.0. 8 years ago
wxwidgets-gtk l/wxwidgets-gtk: Upgraded to wxwidgets-gtk-3.0.0. 8 years ago
x264 l/x264: Upgraded to x264-20131130. 8 years ago
xvidcore l/xvidcore: Upgraded to xvidcore-1.3.2. 9 years ago
yajl l/yajl: Added yajl-2.0.1. 8 years ago
yaml-cpp l/yaml-cpp: Added yaml-cpp-0.5.1. 8 years ago
zeromq l/zeromq: Upgraded to zeromq-4.0.3. 8 years ago
zrtpcpp l/zrtpcpp: Added zrtpcpp-4.2.0. 8 years ago