Some SlackBuild scripts for Slackware.
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Damien Goutte-Gattat e5898d5cd8 n/aria2: Added aria2-1.8.2. 13 years ago
a a/blktrace: Added blktrace-1.0.1. 13 years ago
ap ap/pwgen: Added pwgen-2.06. 13 years ago
d d/ocaml: Upgraded to ocaml-3.11.2. 13 years ago
extra/java3d pasture/python-numeric: Moved from extra/. 13 years ago
gnome l/cairomm: Upgraded to cairomm-1.8.4. 13 years ago
kde kde/synce-kpm: Added synce-kpm-0.14. 13 years ago
l l/wxwidgets-gtk: Added patch for compiling against GLib > 2.22. 13 years ago
n n/aria2: Added aria2-1.8.2. 13 years ago
pasture pasture/qt4: Moved from l/. 13 years ago
x x/xclip: Added xclip-0.12. 13 years ago
xap xap/dmenu: Added UTF-8 support. 13 years ago