Some SlackBuild scripts for Slackware.
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Damien Goutte-Gattat 7f0abdd72d d/fossil: Upgraded to fossil-1.28. 8 years ago
R d/R: Upgraded to R-3.0.2. 9 years ago
antlr3 d/antlr3: Downgraded to antlr-3.4. 9 years ago
apache-ant d/apache-ant: Upgraded to apache-ant-1.9.2. 9 years ago
apache-maven d/apache-maven: Upgraded to apache-maven-3.1.1. 9 years ago
cython d/cython: Upgraded to cython-0.19.2. 9 years ago
docutils d/docutils: Upgraded to docutils-0.11. 9 years ago
fossil d/fossil: Upgraded to fossil-1.28. 8 years ago
ghc d/ghc: Added ghc-7.6.3. 9 years ago
go d/go: Upgraded to go-1.2. 9 years ago
guile1 d/guile1: Added guile1-1.8.8. 9 years ago
haskell-platform d/haskell-platform: Added haskell-platform-2013.2.0.0. 9 years ago
ice d/ice: Updated for Slackware-14.0. 10 years ago
ipython d/ipython: Upgraded to ipython-2.0.0. 9 years ago
lua d/lua: Upgraded to lua-5.2.2. 9 years ago
mcpp d/mcpp: Updated for Slackware-13.37. 12 years ago
protobuf d/protobuf: Added protobuf-2.5.0. 9 years ago
pysetuptools d/pysetuptools: Upgraded to pysetuptools-2.0.1. 9 years ago
python3 d/python3: Upgraded to python3-3.3.3. 9 years ago
scons d/scons: Updated. 9 years ago
sphinx d/sphinx: Added sphinx-1.2.2. 9 years ago
stgit d/stgit: Added stgit-0.17.1. 9 years ago
zenity d/zenity: Upgraded to zenity-3.4.0. 10 years ago