Some SlackBuild scripts for Slackware.
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Damien Goutte-Gattat 723346dae4 l/gpgme: Upgraded to gpgme-1.9.0. 5 years ago
ansible l/paramiko: Added paramiko-2.0.1. 6 years ago
aria2 n/aria2: Upgraded to aria2-1.25.0. 6 years ago
cadaver Revert "n/cadaver: Removed." 7 years ago
ctorrent n/ctorrent: Updated. 11 years ago
davfs2 n/davfs2: Upgraded to davfs2-1.5.4. 6 years ago
gnupg2 n/gnupg2: Upgraded to gnupg-2.1.20. 5 years ago
gpa n/gpa: Added gpa-0.9.10. 6 years ago
gpgme l/gpgme: Upgraded to gpgme-1.9.0. 5 years ago
gunicorn n/gunicorn: Added gunicorn-19.6.0. 6 years ago
hubic-backup n/hubic-backup: Added hubic-backup-20160806. 6 years ago
minidlna n/minidlna: Upgraded to minidlna-1.1.5. 7 years ago
miniupnpc n/miniupnpc: Added miniupnpc-2.0. 6 years ago
mod_wsgi n/mod_wsgi: Upgraded to mod_wsgi-4.5.3. 6 years ago
msmtp n/msmtp: Upgraded to msmtp-1.6.5. 6 years ago
nginx n/nginx: Upgraded to nginx-1.10.3. 5 years ago
omero n/omero: Upgraded to omero-5.3.0. 5 years ago
pinentry n/pinentry: Applied patch for gtk2 grabbing bug. 6 years ago
sabnzbd n/sabnzbd: Allow sabnzbd user to create backup conf file. 6 years ago
socat n/socat: Upgraded to socat- 9 years ago
sshfs n/sshfs: Added sshfs-2.6. 7 years ago
sshpass n/sshpass: Added sshpass-1.05. 7 years ago
tornado n/tornado: Updated for Slackware64-14.2. 6 years ago
youtube-dl n/youtube-dl: Upgraded to youtube-dl-2017.02.27. 6 years ago