Some SlackBuild scripts for Slackware.
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Damien Goutte-Gattat adc322e4f4 l/pycodestyle: Upgraded to pycodestyle-2.5.0. 3 years ago
PyQt5 l/PyQt5: Upgraded to PyQt5-5.9.2. 4 years ago
QtAwesome l/QtAwesome: Added QtAwesome-0.5.0. 4 years ago
QtPy l/QtPy: Added QtPy-1.5.1. 4 years ago
apache-xml-resolver l/apache-xml-resolver: Update URLs. 6 years ago
appstream-glib l/appstream-glib: Fix build with gobject-introspection. 5 years ago
argon2 l/argon2: Added argon2. 4 years ago
astropy l/astropy: Added astropy-1.3.1. 6 years ago
aubio l/aubio: Upgraded to aubio-0.4.2. 6 years ago
biopython l/biopython: Upgraded to biopython-1.74. 3 years ago
bullet3 l/bullet3: Added bullet3-2.87. 5 years ago
calf l/calf: Upgraded to calf-0.0.60. 6 years ago
carbons l/carbons: Added carbons-0.2.1. 4 years ago
ccid l/ccid: Upgraded to ccid-1.4.27. 6 years ago
celt051 l/celt051: Added celt051- 9 years ago
cheetah Do not use pip to download python modules. 5 years ago
cln l/cln: Added cln-1.3.4. 6 years ago
clutter l/clutter: Added clutter-1.26.2. 4 years ago
clutter-gtk l/clutter-gtk: Added clutter-gtk-1.6.6. 4 years ago
cogl l/cogl: Added cogl-1.22.2. 4 years ago
cracklib l/cracklib: Added cracklib-2.9.6. 6 years ago
cryptopp l/cryptopp: Added cryptopp-7.0.0. 4 years ago
dabest l/dabest: Added dabest-0.1.2. 5 years ago
db53 l/db53: Built according to ZeroC instructions. 7 years ago
django-pipeline l/django-pipeline: Added django-pipeline-1.3.20. 6 years ago
dnspython l/dnspython: Upgraded to dnspython-1.14.0. 6 years ago
dnspython3 Update all Python3-dependent slackbuilds. 4 years ago
dssi l/dssi: Upgraded to dssi-1.1.1. 11 years ago
efl l/efl: Added efl-1.20.7. 5 years ago
evolution-data-server l/evolution-data-server: Added evolution-data-server-3.22.7. 4 years ago
faad2 l/faad2: Updated. 12 years ago
fltk l/fltk: Upgraded to fltk-1.3.3. 6 years ago
gcab l/gcab: Disable Vala bindings. 5 years ago
geoclue l/geoclue: Added geoclue-2.4.4. 6 years ago
gimp-resynthesizer l/gimp-resynthesizer: Updated for Slackware64-14.2. 6 years ago
gimp-save-for-web l/gimp-save-for-web: Added gimp-save-for-web-0.29.3. 9 years ago
gimp-separate l/gimp-separate: Patched for Slackware-14.0. 10 years ago
gnome-icon-theme-symbolic l/gnome-icon-theme-symbolic: Added gnome-icon-theme-symbolic-3.12.0. 4 years ago
goffice l/goffice: Upgraded to goffice-0.10.31. 6 years ago
gst-libav l/gst-libav: Added gst-libav-1.6.4. 5 years ago
gvars l/gvars: Added gvars-3.0. 9 years ago
hdf5 l/hdf5: Upgraded to hdf5-1.8.17. 6 years ago
hyphen l/hyphen: Added hyphen-2.8.8. 6 years ago
ipykernel l/ipykernel: Added ipykernel-4.8.0. 5 years ago
ipython-genutils l/ipython-genutils: Fixed package name. 5 years ago
isl l/isl: Added isl-0.19. 5 years ago
jinja2 l/jinja2: Upgraded to jinja2-2.10. 5 years ago
josepy l/josepy: Upgraded to josepy-1.1.0. 4 years ago
json-glib l/json-glib: Upgraded to json-glib-1.4.2. 5 years ago
jsoncpp l/jsoncpp: Added jsoncpp-1.8.4. 4 years ago
jupyter-client l/jupyter-client: Added jupyter-client-5.2.2. 5 years ago
jupyter-core l/jupyter-core: Added jupyter-core-4.4.0. 5 years ago
jupyter-nbconvert l/jupyter-nbconvert: Added jupyter-nbconvert-5.3.1. 5 years ago
jupyter-nbformat l/jupyter-nbformat: Added jupyter-nbformat-4.4.0. 5 years ago
jupyterlab-launcher l/jupyterlab-launcher: Added jupyterlab-launcher-0.10.5. 5 years ago
lgi l/lgi: Upgraded to lgi-0.9.1. 7 years ago
liba52 l/liba52: Updated. 9 years ago
libassuan l/libassuan: Upgraded to libassuan-2.5.3. 4 years ago
libatlas l/libatlas: Upgraded to libatlas-3.10.2. 7 years ago
libburn xap/libburn: Upgraded to libburn-1.4.4. 6 years ago
libcvd l/libcvd: Upgraded to libcvd-20150407. 6 years ago
libdaemon l/libdaemon: Added libdaemon-0.14. 4 years ago
libdbus-c++ l/libdbus-c++: Added libdbus-c++-0.9.0. 4 years ago
libebml l/libebml: Upgraded to libebml-1.3.4. 7 years ago
libfm xap/libfm: Upgraded to libfm-1.2.4. 7 years ago
libfm-extra l/libfm-extra: Added libfm-extra-1.2.4. 7 years ago
libgcrypt l/libgcrypt: Upgraded to libgcrypt-1.8.4. 4 years ago
libgfshare l/libgfshare: Upgraded to libgfshare-2.0.0. 6 years ago
libgnomecanvas l/libgnomecanvas: Moved from gnome/. 9 years ago
libgnomecanvasmm l/libgnomecanvasmm: Updated for Slackware64-14.2. 6 years ago
libgpg-error l/libgpg-error: Upgraded to libgpg-error-1.36. 4 years ago
libgsm l/libgsm: Added libgsm-1.0.18. 4 years ago
libinput l/libinput: Added libinput-1.7.2. 6 years ago
libisofs l/libisofs: Upgraded to libisofs-1.4.4. 6 years ago
libkface l/libkface: Added libkface-15.08.3. 6 years ago
libkgeomap l/libkgeomap: Upgraded to libkgeomap-15.08.3. 6 years ago
libksba Update dependencies tree for GnuPG 6 years ago
liblo l/liblo: Upgraded to liblo-0.26. 8 years ago
liblrdf l/liblrdf: Upgraded to liblrdf-0.5.0. 10 years ago
libmatroska l/libmatroska: Upgraded to libmatroska-1.4.7. 6 years ago
libmaxminddb l/libmaxminddb: Added libmaxminddb-1.3.2. 4 years ago
libmicrohttpd l/libmicrohttpd: Added libmicrohttpd-0.9.50. 6 years ago
libmtp l/libmtp: Upgraded to libmtp-1.1.13. 6 years ago
libofx gnome/libxml++: Removed. 9 years ago
libostree l/libostree: Upgraded to libostree-2019.1. 4 years ago
libotr l/libotr: Upgraded to libotr-4.1.1. 6 years ago
libpgf l/libpgf: Added libpgf-6.14.12. 6 years ago
libpwquality l/libpwquality: Added libpwquality-1.4.0. 6 years ago
libqalculate l/libqalculate: Added libqalculate-0.9.11. 6 years ago
libringclient l/libringclient: Upgraded to libringclient-20180718.1.af8399f. 4 years ago
libseccomp l/libseccomp: Added libseccomp-2.3.3. 5 years ago
libupnp l/libupnp: Upgraded to libupnp-1.6.25. 4 years ago
libwebp l/libwebp: Upgraded to libwebp-0.5.1. 6 years ago
libxdg-basedir l/libxdg-basedir: Updated download link. 9 years ago
libxkbcommon l/libxkbcommon: Added libxkbcommon-0.7.1. 6 years ago
libyubikey l/libyubikey: Added libyubikey-1.13. 5 years ago
lilv-0 l/lilv-0: Upgraded to lilv-0.22.0. 7 years ago
lurch l/lurch: Upgraded to lurch-0.6.8. 4 years ago
lv2 l/lv2: Upgraded to lv2-1.12.0. 7 years ago
markupsafe l/markupsafe: Upgraded to markupsafe-1.0. 6 years ago
matplotlib l/matplotlib: Upgraded to matplotlib-1.5.2. 6 years ago
menu-cache l/menu-cache: Upgraded to menu-cache-1.0.1. 7 years ago
mlt l/mlt: Added dependency to l/movit. 4 years ago
movit l/movit: Add missing dependency to l/sdl2. 4 years ago
msgpack-c l/msgpack-c: Added msgpack-c-3.0.1. 4 years ago
mutagen l/mutagen: Added mutagen-1.33.2. 6 years ago
mxml l/mxml: Upgraded to mxml-2.10. 6 years ago
npth l/npth: Upgraded to npth-1.6. 4 years ago
numexpr l/numexpr: Upgraded to numexpr-2.6.0. 6 years ago
numpy l/numpy: Upgraded to numpy-1.15.1. 4 years ago
numpydoc l/numpydoc: Added numpydoc-0.8.0. 4 years ago
omero-figure l/omero-figure: Upgraded to omero-figure-4.0.1. 4 years ago
omero-forms l/omero-forms: Added omero-forms-1.0.1. 6 years ago
omero-marshal l/omero-marshal: Upgraded to omero-marshal-0.5.4. 4 years ago
opencv l/opencv: Upgraded to opencv-2.4.13. 6 years ago
openh264 l/openh264: Added openh264-1.7.0. 5 years ago
opus l/opus: Upgraded to opus-1.2. 6 years ago
pandas l/pandas: Upgraded to pandas-0.22.0. 5 years ago
pcsc-lite l/pcsc-lite: Enable serial support. 6 years ago
pidgin-otr l/pidgin-otr: Upgraded to pidgin-otr-4.0.2. 6 years ago
pmw l/pmw: Downgraded to pmw-1.3.3. 10 years ago
psycopg2 l/psycopg2: Upgraded to psycopg2-2.6.2. 6 years ago
pycodestyle l/pycodestyle: Upgraded to pycodestyle-2.5.0. 3 years ago
pycparser l/pycparser: Added pycparser-2.18. 5 years ago
pycryptodome l/pycryptodome: Added pycryptodome-3.4.7. 5 years ago
pyflakes l/pyflakes: Added pyflakes-2.0.0. 4 years ago
pygments l/pygments: Upgraded to pygments-2.2.0. 5 years ago
pylint l/pylint: Added pylint-1.9.3. 4 years ago
pyopenssl l/pyopenssl: Upgraded to pyopenssl-17.5.0. 5 years ago
pyparsing l/pyparsing: Upgraded to pyparsing-2.1.5. 7 years ago
pyqtgraph l/pyqtgraph: Added pyqtgraph-0.10.0. 4 years ago
pyrfc3339 l/pyrfc3339: Added pyrfc3339-1.0. 5 years ago
pyscard l/pyscard: Fix dependency. 6 years ago
pysocks l/pysocks: Added pysocks-1.7.0. 3 years ago
pytables l/pytables: Updated for Slackware64-14.2. 6 years ago
python-acme l/python-acme: Upgraded to python-acme-0.34.2. 4 years ago
python-alabaster Fix documentation directory for Python packages. 6 years ago
python-asn1crypto l/python-asn1crypto: Added python-asn1crypto-0.24.0. 5 years ago
python-astroid l/python-astroid: Updated dependencies. 3 years ago
python-axolotl l/pycrypto: Removed (replaced by pycryptodome). 5 years ago
python-babel l/python-babel: Import Babel data files. 6 years ago
python-backports l/python-backports: Added python-backports-2019.06.22. 3 years ago
python-bleach l/python-bleach: Added python-bleach-2.1.2. 5 years ago
python-bottleneck l/python-bottleneck: Added python-bottleneck-1.0.0. 8 years ago
python-certifi l/python-certifi: Upgraded to python-certifi-2018.1.18. 5 years ago
python-cffi l/python-cffi: Upgraded to python-cffi-1.11.2. 5 years ago
python-chardet l/python-chardet: Added python-chardet-3.0.4. 5 years ago
python-click l/python-click: Added python-click-6.7. 5 years ago
python-cloudpickle l/python-cloudpickle: Added python-cloudpickle-0.5.6. 4 years ago
python-coloredlogs l/python-coloredlogs: Added python-coloredlogs-10.0. 4 years ago
python-configargparse l/python-configargparse: Fixed documentation dir. 5 years ago
python-configobj l/python-configobj: Added python-configobj-5.0.6. 5 years ago
python-cryptography l/python-cryptography: Upgraded to python-cryptography-2.1.4. 5 years ago
python-cssutils l/python-cssutils: Upgraded to python-cssutils-1.0.1. 6 years ago
python-cycler l/python-cycler: Upgraded to python-cycler-0.10.0. 6 years ago
python-dateutil l/python-dateutil: Upgraded to python-dateutil-2.7.2. 5 years ago
python-decorator l/python-decorator: Added python-decorator-4.2.1. 5 years ago
python-ecdsa l/python-ecdsa: Added python-ecdsa-0.13. 6 years ago
python-entrypoints l/python-entrypoints: Updated dependencies. 3 years ago
python-enum34 l/python-enum34: Added python-enum34-1.1.6. 7 years ago
python-flake8 l/python-flake8: Added python-flake8-3.7.8. 3 years ago
python-funcsigs l/python-funcsigs: Added python-funcsigs-1.0.2. 5 years ago
python-functools32 l/python-functools32: Added python-functools32- 5 years ago
python-future l/python-future: Added python-future-0.16.0. 5 years ago
python-futures l/python-futures: Added python-futures-3.2.0. 5 years ago
python-geoip2 n/python-geoip2: Added python-geoip2-2.9.0. 4 years ago
python-html5lib l/python-html5lib: Added python-html5lib-1.0.1. 5 years ago
python-humanfriendly l/python-humanfriendly: Added python-humanfriendly-4.16.1. 4 years ago
python-idna l/python-idna: Added python-idna-2.6. 5 years ago
python-imagesize Fix documentation directory for Python packages. 6 years ago
python-ipaddress l/python-ipaddress: Added python-ipaddress-1.0.19. 5 years ago
python-iso639 l/python-iso639: Added python-iso639-0.4.5. 3 years ago
python-iso3166 l/python-iso3166: Added python-iso3166-1.0. 3 years ago
python-isodate l/python-isodate: Added python-isodate-0.6.0. 4 years ago
python-isort l/python-isort: Added python-isort-4.3.4. 4 years ago
python-jedi l/python-jedi: Added python-jedi-0.12.1. 4 years ago
python-jsonrpclib l/python-jsonrpclib: Added python-jsonrpclib-0.1.7. 6 years ago
python-jsonschema l/python-jsonschema: Added python-jsonschema-2.6.0. 5 years ago
python-lazy-object-proxy l/python-lazy-object-proxy: Added python-lazy-object-proxy-1.3.1. 4 years ago
python-llvmlite l/python-llvmlite: Added python-llvmlite-0.15.0. 5 years ago
python-lxml l/python-lxml: Upgraded to python-lxml-3.6.1. 6 years ago
python-markdown Do not use pip to download python modules. 5 years ago
python-maxminddb l/python-maxminddb: Added python-maxminddb-1.4.1. 4 years ago
python-mccabe l/python-mccabe: Added python-mccabe-0.6.1. 4 years ago
python-mistune l/python-mistune: Added python-mistune-0.8.3. 5 years ago
python-mock l/python-mock: Added python-mock-2.0.0. 5 years ago
python-monotonic l/python-monotonic: Added python-monotonic-1.5. 4 years ago
python-nbxmpp l/python-nbxmpp: Added python-nbxmpp-0.5.4. 6 years ago
python-numba l/python-numba: Downgraded to numba-0.33.0. 5 years ago
python-packaging l/python-packaging: Added python-packaging-19.0. 4 years ago
python-pandocfilters l/python-pandocfilters: Added python-pandocfilters-1.4.2. 5 years ago
python-parsedatetime l/python-parsedatetime: Added python-parsedatetime-2.4. 5 years ago
python-parso l/python-parso: Added python-parso-0.3.1. 4 years ago
python-pathlib2 l/python-pathlib2: Added python-pathlib2-2.3.0. 5 years ago
python-patsy l/python-patsy: Added python-patsy-0.5.0. 5 years ago
python-pbkdf2 l/python-pbkdf2: Added python-pbkdf2. 6 years ago
python-pbr l/python-pbr: Added python-pbr-3.1.1. 5 years ago
python-pexpect l/python-pexpect: Added pyhthon-pexpect-4.0.0. 5 years ago
python-pickleshare l/python-pickleshare: Added python-pickleshare-0.7.4. 5 years ago
python-prompt-toolkit l/python-prompt-toolkit: Added python-prompt-toolkit-1.0.15. 5 years ago
python-psutil l/python-psutil: Upgraded to python-psutil-4.3.0. 6 years ago
python-ptyprocess l/python-ptyprocess: Added python-ptyprocess-0.5.2. 5 years ago
python-qrcode l/python-qrcode: Added python-qrcode-5.3. 6 years ago
python-requests l/python-requests: Upgraded to python-requests-2.22.0. 4 years ago
python-requests-toolbelt l/python-requests-toolbelt: Added python-requests-toolbelt-0.9.1. 4 years ago
python-rope l/python-rope: Added python-rope-0.11.0. 4 years ago
python-scandir l/python-scandir: Added python-scandir-1.6. 5 years ago
python-send2trash l/python-send2trash: Added python-send2trash-1.4.2. 5 years ago
python-simplegeneric l/python-simplegeneric: Added python-simplegeneric-0.8.1. 5 years ago
python-singledispatch l/python-singledispatch: Updated for Slackware64-14.2. 6 years ago
python-six Update all Python3-dependent slackbuilds. 4 years ago
python-sjcl l/python-sjcl: Added python-sjcl-0.1.7. 5 years ago
python-slowaes l/python-slowaes: Added python-slowaes-0.1a1. 6 years ago
python-statsmodels l/python-statsmodels: Added python-statsmodels-0.8.0. 5 years ago
python-subprocess32 l/python-subprocess32: Added python-subprocess32-3.2.7. 5 years ago
python-terminado l/python-terminado: Added python-terminado-0.8.1. 5 years ago
python-testpath l/python-testpath: Added python-testpath-0.3.1. 5 years ago
python-toml l/python-toml: Added python-toml-0.9.4. 5 years ago
python-traitlets l/python-traitlets: Added python-traitlets-4.3.2. 5 years ago
python-typing l/python-typing: Added python-typing-3.6.6. 4 years ago
python-urllib3 l/python-urllib3: Upgraded to python-urllib3-1.25.3. 4 years ago
python-wcwidth l/python-wcwidth: Added python-wcwidth-0.1.7. 5 years ago
python-webencodings l/python-webencodings: Added python-webencodings-0.5.1. 5 years ago
python-websocket-client l/python-websocket-client: Added python-websocket-client-0.56.0. 3 years ago
python-wrapt l/python-wrapt: Added python-wrapt-1.10.11. 4 years ago
python-yaml l/python-yaml: Upgraded to python-yaml-3.12. 6 years ago
python-yenc l/python-yenc: Upgraded to python-yenc-0.4.0. 9 years ago
python2-sip l/python2-sip: Added python2-sip-4.19.6. 4 years ago
python3-wheel Update all Python3-dependent slackbuilds. 4 years ago
pytz l/pytz: Upgraded to pytz-2018.3. 5 years ago
pyusb l/pyusb: Added pyusb-1.0.2. 5 years ago
pyzmq l/pyzmq: Upgraded to pyzmq-16.0.4. 5 years ago
qrencode l/qrencode: Upgraded to qrencode-3.4.4. 6 years ago
qscintilla l/qscintilla: Added qscintilla-2.9.3. 4 years ago
qt5 l/qt5: Upgraded to qt-5.9.6. 4 years ago
qt5-webkit l/qt5-webkit: Fix output directory. 4 years ago
qtkeychain l/qtkeychain: Upgraded to qtkeychain-0.9.1. 4 years ago
rdflib l/rdflib: Upgraded to rdflib-4.2.1. 6 years ago
reportlab l/reportlab: Upgraded to reportlab-3.3.0. 6 years ago
restbed l/restbed: Added rested-4.6. 4 years ago
rubberband l/rubberband: Upgraded to rubberband-1.8.1. 6 years ago
sabyenc l/sabyenc: Added sabyenc-3.3.2. 5 years ago
scipy l/scipy: Upgraded to scipy-1.0.1. 5 years ago
scute l/scute: Patched to enable the signing key. 5 years ago
sdl2 l/sdl2: Added sdl2-2.0.9. 4 years ago
seaborn l/seaborn: Added seaborn-0.8.1. 5 years ago
secp256k1 l/secp256k1: Moved to the l/ directory. 4 years ago
serd-0 l/serd-0: Upgraded to serd-0.22.0. 7 years ago
snowballstemmer l/snowballstemmer: Added snowballstemmer-1.2.1. 6 years ago
sord-0 l/sord-0: Upgraded to sord-0.14.0. 7 years ago
speex l/speex: Upgraded to speex-1.2.0. 6 years ago
sphinxcontrib-websupport l/sphinxcontrib-websupport: Added sphinxcontrib-websupport-1.1.0. 4 years ago
spice l/spice: Upgraded to spice-0.12.7. 7 years ago
spice-protocol l/spice-protocol: Upgraded to spice-protocol-0.12.11. 7 years ago
spyder-kernels l/spyder-kernels: Added spyder-kernels-0.2.6. 4 years ago
spyder-notebook l/spyder-notebook: Added spyder-notebook-0.1.3. 4 years ago
spyder-terminal l/spyder-terminal: Added spyder-terminal-0.2.4. 4 years ago
sratom-0 l/sratom-0: Upgraded to sratom-0.4.6. 7 years ago
suil-0 l/suil-0: Upgraded to suild-0.8.2. 7 years ago
tag l/tag: Upgraded to tag-20150331. 6 years ago
toon l/toon: Upgraded to toon-2.2. 6 years ago
tqt3 l/tqt3: Install in /usr. 5 years ago
vamp-plugin-sdk l/vamp-plugin-sdk: Upgraded to vamp-plugin-sdk-2.6. 6 years ago
vtk l/vtk: Make sure to build against Qt5. 4 years ago
webkit l/webkit: Upgraded to webkit-2.4.11. 6 years ago
webkit2 l/webkit2: Upgraded to webkit2-2.16.3. 6 years ago
webvfx xap/shotcut: Updated dependencies. 4 years ago
wxwidgets-gtk l/wxwidgets-gtk: Upgraded to wxwidgets-gtk-3.0.2. 6 years ago
x264 l/x264: Upgraded to x264-20170312. 6 years ago
xcb-util-xrm l/xcb-util-xrm: Added xcb-util-xrm-1.2. 5 years ago
xvidcore l/xvidcore: Fix library links. 6 years ago
yaml-cpp l/yaml-cpp: Upgraded to yaml-cpp-0.5.3. 6 years ago
zbar l/zbar: Added zbar-0.10. 5 years ago
zeromq l/zeromq: Upgraded to zeromq-4.2.3. 5 years ago
zope.component l/zope.component: Added zope.component-4.4.1. 5 years ago
zope.event l/zope.event: Added zope.event-4.3.0. 5 years ago
zope.interface l/zope.interface: Upgraded to zope.interface-4.4.3. 5 years ago
zxcvbn-c l/zxcvbn-c: Added zxcvbn-c-2.3. 5 years ago
zxcvbn-cpp l/zxcvbn-cpp: Rebuilt without autotools. 5 years ago