Some SlackBuild scripts for Slackware.
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Damien Goutte-Gattat 1337a2f328 n/ring-daemon: Upgraded to ring-daemon-20200619.2. 2 years ago
ansible n/ansible: Upgraded to ansible-2.9.9. 2 years ago
avahi n/avahi: Added back avahi-0.7. 2 years ago
certbot n/certbot: Upgraded to certbot-1.5.0. 2 years ago
ctorrent n/ctorrent: Updated. 2 years ago
davfs2 n/davfs2: Upgraded to davfs2-1.5.5. 2 years ago
gnupg n/gnupg: Upgraded to gnupg-2.2.20. 2 years ago
gpa n/gpa: Upgraded to gpa-0.10.0. 3 years ago
gpgme n/gpgme: Upgraded to gpgme-1.13.1. 3 years ago
gunicorn n/gunicorn: Upgraded to gunicorn-20.0.4. 2 years ago
jupyter-notebook n/jupyter-notebook: Upgraded to jupyter-notebook-6.0.3. 2 years ago
jupyterlab n/jupyterlab: Upgraded to jupyterlab-2.1.4. 2 years ago
jupyterlab-server n/jupyterlab-server: Upgraded to jupyterlab-server-1.1.5. 2 years ago
minidlna n/minidlna: Upgraded to minidlna-1.2.1. 2 years ago
msmtp n/msmtp: Upgraded to msmtp-1.8.11. 2 years ago
neomutt n/neomutt: Upgraded to neomutt-20200501. 2 years ago
nginx n/nginx: Upgraded to nginx-1.16.1. 2 years ago
nncli n/nncli: Updated. 2 years ago
omero-server n/omero-server: Fix handling of CLI arguments. 2 years ago
omero-web n/omero-web: Upgraded to omero-web-5.6.3. 2 years ago
pinentry n/pinentry: Upgraded to pinentry-1.1.0. 4 years ago
python-managesieve n/python-managesieve: Updated. 2 years ago
ring-daemon n/ring-daemon: Upgraded to ring-daemon-20200619.2. 2 years ago
sabnzbd n/sabnzbd: Upgraded to sabnzbd-3.0.0Beta2. 2 years ago
streamlink n/streamlink: Upgraded to streamlink-1.3.0. 2 years ago
tor n/tor: Added tor- 2 years ago
tornado n/tornado: Upgraded to tornado-6.0.4. 2 years ago
torsocks n/torsocks: Added torsocks-2.3.0. 2 years ago
usbip n/usbip: Upgraded to usbip-5.3.12. 2 years ago
vdirsyncer n/vdirsyncer: Upgraded to vdirsyncer-0.16.8. 2 years ago
youtube-dl n/youtube-dl: Upgraded to youtube-dl-2020.06.16.1. 2 years ago