Some SlackBuild scripts for Slackware.
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Damien Goutte-Gattat 535103a451 n/php-apc: Install the apc.php script. 12 years ago
amule n/amule: Upgraded to amule-2.2.6. 13 years ago
aria2 n/aria2: Upgraded to aria2-1.10.5. 12 years ago
cadaver n/cadaver: Added cadaver-0.23.2. 13 years ago
citadel n/citadel: Upgraded to citadel-7.66. 13 years ago
ctorrent n/ctorrent: Updated. 12 years ago
davical n/davical: Added davical- 13 years ago
ddclient n/ddclient: Updated. 12 years ago
dovecot n/dovecot: Upgraded to dovecot-2.0.9. 12 years ago
ejabberd n/ejabberd: Added ejabbard-2.1.6. 12 years ago
horde-groupware n/horde-groupware: Small fixes. 12 years ago
mediawiki n/mediawiki: Added some extensions. 12 years ago
minbif n/minbif: Upgraded to minbif-1.0.3. 13 years ago
mod_fastcgi n/mod_fastcgi: Added mod_fastcgi-2.4.6. 12 years ago
mod_python n/mod_python: Updated for Slackware-13.0. 13 years ago
mod_wsgi n/mod_wsgi: Upgraded mod_wsgi-3.3. 12 years ago
msmtp n/msmtp: Upraded to msmtp-1.4.23. 12 years ago
openldap n/openldap: Create openldap-slurp directory. 12 years ago
php-apc n/php-apc: Install the apc.php script. 12 years ago
rdesktop n/rdesktop: Added rdesktop-1.6.0. 13 years ago
sabnzbd n/sabnzbd: Upgraded to sabnzbd-0.5.6. 12 years ago
socat n/socat: Added socat- 13 years ago
squid Changed contact address to 14 years ago
ssh-vulnkey Changed contact address to 14 years ago
tunctl n/tunctl: Added tunctl-1.5. 13 years ago
vpnc n/vpnc: Added run control script. 12 years ago
webcit n/webcit: Upgraded to webcit-7.66. 13 years ago