Some SlackBuild scripts for Slackware.
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Damien Goutte-Gattat c389666612 xap/gpac: Added gpac-svn2234. 12 years ago
ams xap/ams: Added ams-2.0.1. 13 years ago
bristol Changed contact address to 13 years ago
claws-mail xap/claws-mail: Upgraded to claws-mail-3.7.6. 12 years ago
claws-mail-extra-plugins xap/claws-mail-extra-plugins: Upgraded to claws-mail-extra-plugins-3.7.6. 12 years ago
dia xap/dia: Upgraded to dia-0.97. 12 years ago
dmenu xap/dmenu: Added UTF-8 support. 12 years ago
eatmonkey xap/eatmonkey: Added eatmonkey-0.1.4. 12 years ago
epdfview xap/epdfview: Added epdfview-0.1.7. 13 years ago
ffmpeg xap/ffmpeg: Upgraded to ffmpeg-0.6.1. 12 years ago
flow xap/flow: Added flow-tip. 12 years ago
fontforge xap/fontforge: Updated for Slackware-13.1. 12 years ago
freeciv xap/freeciv: Added freeciv-2.2.2. 12 years ago
glade3 xap/glade3: Disable use of scrollkeeper. 12 years ago
gpac xap/gpac: Added gpac-svn2234. 12 years ago
gq xap/gq: Added gq-1.3.4. 12 years ago
grisbi xap/grisbi: Upgraded to grisbi-0.6.0. 12 years ago
imagej Changed contact address to 13 years ago
incollector xap/incollector: Added incollector-1.2. 12 years ago
inkscape xap/inkscape: Upgraded to inkscape-0.48.0. 12 years ago
jabref xap/jabref: Added jabref-2.6. 12 years ago
jmol xap/jmol: Added jmol-11.8.19. 12 years ago
jxplorer Changed contact address to 13 years ago
linphone xap/linphone: Added linphone-3.3.2. 12 years ago
lmms xap/lmms: Added lmms-0.4.8. 12 years ago
luvcview Changed contact address to 13 years ago
marble Changed contact address to 13 years ago
mjpegtools Reformat dependencies comments 13 years ago
mldonkey xap/mldonkey: Added mldonkey-3.0.1. 12 years ago
mozilla-sunbird xap/mozilla-sunbird: Added mozilla-sunbird-0.9. 13 years ago
muse Reformat dependencies comments 13 years ago
netbeans xap/netbeans: Added netbeans-6.8. 13 years ago
nzb xap/nzb: Added nzb-0.1.9. 12 years ago
omero-client xap/omero-client: Upgraded to omero-client-4.2.0. 12 years ago xap/ Upgraded to 12 years ago
osmo xap/osmo: Added osmo-0.2.8. 12 years ago
pgadmin3 xap/pgadmin3: Upgraded to pgadmin3-1.10.2. 12 years ago
pymol xap/pymol: Cleaned up for Slackware-13.0. 13 years ago
qemu-kvm xap/qemu-kvm: Upgraded to qemu-kvm-0.12.4. 12 years ago
qiv xap/qiv: Adde qiv-2.2.2. 13 years ago
qjackctl xap/qjackctl: Upgraded to qjackctl-0.3.6. 12 years ago
qmagneto xap/qmagneto: Upgraded to qmagneto-1.1.0. 12 years ago
qt-creator Changed contact address to 13 years ago
qtractor xap/qtractor: Upgraded to qtractor-0.4.6. 12 years ago
rosegarden xap/rosegarden: Upgraded to rosegarden-10.10. 12 years ago
scribus xap/scribus: Upgraded to scribus-1.3.6. 12 years ago
snes9x xap/snes9x: Upgraded to snes9x-1.52. 12 years ago
surf xap/surf: Upgraded to surf-0.4.1. 12 years ago
sylpheed xap/sylpheed: Added sylpheed-2.7.1. 13 years ago
tabbed xap/tabbed: Added tabbed-0.2. 13 years ago
tinyca2 xap/tinyca2: Added tinyca2-0.7.5. 12 years ago
ugene xap/ugene: Upgraded to ugene-1.8.0. 12 years ago
unison Changed contact address to 13 years ago
uzbl xap/uzbl: Added uzbl-20100202. 12 years ago
valide xap/valide: Added valide-r665. 12 years ago
virtualbox-ose xap/virtualbox-ose: Upgraded to virtualbox-ose-3.1.0. 13 years ago
weasel xap/weasel: Added weasel-2.7. 12 years ago
wired Reformat dependencies comments 13 years ago
wmii xap/wmii: Patched to prevent a crash when adding a second screen. 12 years ago
wxdfast xap/wxdfast: Added wxdfast-0.6.0. 12 years ago
xchm xap/xchm: Upgraded to xchm-1.17. 12 years ago
xfburn xap/xfburn: Added xfburn-0.4.2. 12 years ago
xfmpc xap/xfmpc: Added xfmpc-0.2.0. 12 years ago
zsnes Changed contact address to 13 years ago