Some SlackBuild scripts for Slackware.
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Damien Goutte-Gattat 27f2026b74 l/movit: Added movit-1.6.2. 3 years ago
ap ap/elogind: Added elogind-239.2. 3 years ago
d d/meson: Upgraded to meson-0.50.0. 3 years ago
l l/movit: Added movit-1.6.2. 3 years ago
n n/gpgme: Upgraded to gpgme-1.13.0. 3 years ago
x/xclip x/xclip: Updated download URL. 5 years ago
xap xap/omero-insight: Upgraded to omero-insight-5.4.10. 3 years ago
y y/puzzles: Added puzzles-20180429.31384ca. 4 years ago