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Damien Goutte-Gattat 797ad14498
d/cython: Removed.
3 years ago
Django d/Django: Upgraded to Django-1.11.27. 3 years ago
apache-ant d/apache-ant: Upgraded to apache-ant-1.10.7. 3 years ago
apache-maven d/apache-maven: Rebuild to fix permissions. 3 years ago
gcc-arm-none-eabi d/gcc-arm-none-eabi: Upgraded to gcc-arm-none-eabi-9.2019.q4. 3 years ago
go-bindata d/go-bindata: Added go-bindata-3.4.0. 4 years ago
golang d/golang: Upgraded to golang-1.13.4. 3 years ago
guile1 d/guile1: Updated. 3 years ago
ibmswtpm2 d/ibmswtpm2: Added ibmswtpm2-1563. 3 years ago
ice d/ice: Moved the Python bindings to l/ice-py. 3 years ago
ipython d/ipython: Fixed dependency name. 3 years ago
lua d/lua: Upgraded to lua-5.3.5. 3 years ago
luajit d/luajit: Added luajit-2.0.5. 5 years ago
nodejs d/nodejs: Added nodejs-12.16.0. 3 years ago
octave d/octave: Added octave-5.2.0. 3 years ago
openjdk8 d/openjdk8: Added openjdk8-8u232b09. 3 years ago
openjdk11 d/openjdk11: Fixed incorrect slack-desc file. 3 years ago
openocd d/openocd: Updated. 3 years ago
protobuf d/protobuf: Upgraded to protobuf-3.11.0. 3 years ago
python-twine d/python-twine: Added python-twine-3.0.0. 3 years ago
python-wheel d/python-wheel: Added python-wheel-0.33.6. 3 years ago
sphinx d/sphinx: Default to Python 3. 3 years ago
virtualenv l/python-appdirs: Removed. 3 years ago