Some SlackBuild scripts for Slackware.
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Damien Goutte-Gattat 15a277ad48 l/dssi: 12 years ago
a/davfs2 a/davfs2: Updated for Slackware-13.0. 12 years ago
ap ap/jack: Updated for Slackware-13.0. 12 years ago
d d/R: Upgraded to R-2.9.2. 12 years ago
extra extra/reportlab: Added sha1sum file. 12 years ago
gnome gnome/libxml++: Added. 13 years ago
kde kde/skrooge: Added skrooge-0.5.0. 12 years ago
l l/dssi: 12 years ago
n n/msmtp: Cleaned up for Slackware64-13.0. 12 years ago
pasture pasture/raptor: Moved from l/ (provided in 13.0). 12 years ago
x Changed contact address to 13 years ago
xap xap/ Upgraded to 12 years ago