Some SlackBuild scripts for Slackware.
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Damien Goutte-Gattat 25d8cf7dd7 xap/superflu-riteurnz: Added superflu-riteurnz-1.0.0.xmas2020demo. пре 3 недеља
awesome xap/awesome: Updated dependencies. пре 7 месеци
cantata xap/cantata: Upgraded to cantata-2.4.1. пре 7 месеци
claws-mail xap/claws-mail: Added claws-mail-3.17.5. пре 8 месеци
compucell3d xap/compucell3d: Upgraded to compucell3d-4.2.1. пре 7 месеци
docear xap/docear: Updated. пре 1 година
duckstation xap/duckstation: Added duckstation-3ed4297. пре 1 месец
eclipse xap/eclipse: Added eclipse-4.8. пре 1 година
evince Do not ship .la files. пре 6 месеци
fiji xap/fiji: Upgraded to fiji-20200625. пре 6 месеци
fontforge xap/fontforge: Upgraded to fontforge-20200314. пре 7 месеци
grisbi xap/grisbi: Upgraded to grisbi-1.2.2. пре 1 година
inkscape xap/inkscape: Upgraded to inkscape-1.0.1. пре 4 месеци
jmol xap/jmol: Upgraded to jmol-14.31.0. пре 6 месеци
jupyter-qtconsole xap/jupyter-qtconsole: Upgraded to jupyter-qtconsole-4.7.5. пре 6 месеци
libreoffice xap/libreoffice: Upgraded to libreoffice-7.0.0. пре 5 месеци
mpv xap/mpv: Upgraded to mpv-0.32.0. пре 7 месеци
mupdf xap/mupdf: Added custom desktop file. пре 6 месеци
nextcloud-desktop xap/nextcloud-desktop: Upgraded to nextcloud-desktop-3.1.0. пре 1 месец
obs-studio xap/obs-studio: Bundle the v4l2sink plugin. пре 1 месец
omero-insight xap/omero-insight: Upgraded to omero-insight-5.5.13. пре 3 месеци
pasystray xap/pasystray: Upgraded to pasystray-0.7.1. пре 1 година
pcmanfm xap/pcmanfm: Upgraded to pcmanfm-1.3.1. пре 1 година
pcsxr-pgxp xap/pcsxr-pgxp: Upgraded to pcsxr-pgxp-g62467b8. пре 1 година
pymol xap/pymol: Upgraded to pymol-2.4.0. пре 6 месеци
qemu xap/qemu: Upgraded to qemu-5.0.0. пре 7 месеци
qjackctl xap/qjackctl: Upgraded to qjackctl-0.6.2. пре 7 месеци
qpdfpresenterconsole xap/qpdfpresenterconsole: Updated. пре 1 година
qsynth xap/qsynth: Upgraded to qsynth-0.6.2. пре 6 месеци
qtractor xap/qtractor: Upgraded to qtractor-0.9.14. пре 7 месеци
ring-gnome-client xap/ring-gnome-client: Upgraded to ring-gnome-client-20200619.2. пре 7 месеци
scribus xap/scribus: Upgraded to scribus-1.4.8. пре 1 година
seahorse xap/seahorse: Upgraded to seahorse-3.36.2. пре 6 месеци
shotcut xap/shotcut: Upgraded to shotcut-20.04.12. пре 7 месеци
shotwell xap/shotwell: Upgraded to shotwell-0.30.10. пре 7 месеци
snes9x xap/snes9x: Upgraded to snes9x-1.60. пре 1 година
superflu-riteurnz xap/superflu-riteurnz: Added superflu-riteurnz-1.0.0.xmas2020demo. пре 3 недеља
ugene xap/ugene: Upgraded to ugene-37.0. пре 1 месец
veracrypt xap/veracrypt: Upgraded to veracrypt-1.24.update4. пре 6 месеци
vlc Do not ship .la files. пре 6 месеци
wireshark xap/wireshark: Upgraded to wireshark-3.2.4. пре 6 месеци
xchm xap/xchm: Upgraded to xchm-1.31. пре 1 година
yorkie xap/yorkie: Added yorkie-0.2.0. пре 8 месеци
yubikey-personalization-gui xap/yubikey-personalization-gui: Added yubikey-personalization-gui-3.1.25. пре 11 месеци
zotero xap/zotero: Upgraded to zotero-5.0.92. пре 2 месеци
zynaddsubfx xap/zynaddsubfx: Rebuilt to change default output. пре 1 година