Some SlackBuild scripts for Slackware.
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Damien Goutte-Gattat 6e3789a6bf n/gnupg: Upgraded to gnupg-2.2.27. 6日前
ansible n/ansible: Upgraded to ansible-2.9.9. 7ヶ月前
avahi Do not ship .la files. 6ヶ月前
certbot n/certbot: Upgraded to certbot-1.5.0. 7ヶ月前
ctorrent n/ctorrent: Updated. 1年前
davfs2 n/davfs2: Upgraded to davfs2-1.5.6. 6ヶ月前
gnupg n/gnupg: Upgraded to gnupg-2.2.27. 6日前
gpa n/gpa: Upgraded to gpa-0.10.0. 2年前
gpgme n/gpgme: Upgraded to gpgme-1.15.1. 1週間前
gunicorn n/gunicorn: Upgraded to gunicorn-20.0.4. 7ヶ月前
i2p n/i2p: Upgraded to i2p-0.9.48. 3週間前
jupyter-notebook n/jupyter-notebook: Upgraded to jupyter-notebook-6.0.3. 7ヶ月前
jupyterlab n/jupyterlab: Upgraded to jupyterlab-2.1.4. 7ヶ月前
jupyterlab-server n/jupyterlab-server: Upgraded to jupyterlab-server-1.1.5. 7ヶ月前
minidlna n/minidlna: Upgraded to minidlna-1.2.1. 1年前
msmtp n/msmtp: Upgraded to msmtp-1.8.11. 7ヶ月前
neomutt n/neomutt: Upgraded to neomutt-20201120. 1ヶ月前
nginx n/nginx: Upgraded to nginx-1.16.1. 1年前
nncli n/nncli: Updated. 7ヶ月前
omero-server n/omero-server: Upgraded to omero-server-5.6.3. 3ヶ月前
omero-web n/omero-web: Upgraded to omero-web-5.8.1. 3ヶ月前
pinentry n/pinentry: Upgraded to pinentry-1.1.0. 3年前
python-managesieve n/python-managesieve: Removed Python2 support. 6ヶ月前
ring-daemon Really do not ship .la files. 6ヶ月前
sabnzbd n/sabnzbd: Upgraded to sabnzbd-3.0.0Beta2. 7ヶ月前
streamlink n/streamlink: Upgraded to streamlink-1.4.1. 6ヶ月前
tor n/tor: Upgraded to tor- 6ヶ月前
tornado n/tornado: Upgraded to tornado-6.0.4. 7ヶ月前
torsocks n/torsocks: Added torsocks-2.3.0. 1年前
usbip Do not ship .la files. 6ヶ月前
vdirsyncer n/vdirsyncer: Patched to allow click>=6.0. 6ヶ月前
youtube-dl n/youtube-dl: Upgraded to youtube-dl-2020.11.19. 1ヶ月前