Some SlackBuild scripts for Slackware.
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Damien Goutte-Gattat fe002bb76d l/libgcrypt: Upgraded to libgcrypt-1.9.0. 6 天之前
apache-xml-resolver l/apache-xml-resolver: Update URLs. 4 年之前
appstream-glib ap/flatpak: Upgraded to flatpak-1.5.2. 7 月之前
biopython l/biopython: Upgraded to biopython-1.78. 4 月之前
calf l/calf: Upgraded to calf-0.90.3. 1 年之前
carbons l/carbons: Upgraded to carbons-0.2.2. 1 年之前
ccid l/ccid: Upgraded to ccid-1.4.32. 7 月之前
cheetah l/cheetah: Upgraded to cheetah-3.2.5. 7 月之前
cherrypy l/cherrypy: Added cherrypy-18.6.0. 7 月之前
clutter Do not ship .la files. 7 月之前
clutter-gtk Do not ship .la files. 7 月之前
cogl Do not ship .la files. 7 月之前
dabest l/dabest: Upgraded to dabest-0.3.0. 7 月之前
db53 Do not ship .la files. 7 月之前
django-pipeline l/django-pipeline: Removed Python2 support. 7 月之前
double-conversion l/double-conversion: Added double-conversion-3.1.5. 8 月之前
dssi l/dssi: Updated. 1 年之前
efl l/efl: Upgraded to efl-1.24.3. 7 月之前
fltk l/fltk: Upgraded to fltk-1.3.5. 1 年之前
gcab l/gcab: Upgraded to gcab-1.4. 7 月之前
gdl Do not ship .la files. 7 月之前
gimp-resynthesizer l/gimp-resynthesizer: Upgraded to gimp-resynthesizer-2.0.3. 1 年之前
glm l/glm: Upgraded to glm- 7 月之前
gmmlib l/gmmlib: Upgraded to gmmlib-20.1.1. 7 月之前
gnome-desktop l/gnome-desktop: Added gnome-desktop-3.32.2. 4 月之前
goffice Do not ship .la files. 7 月之前
hdf5 Do not ship .la files. 7 月之前
ice-py l/ice-py: Removed Python2 support. 7 月之前
intel-media l/intel-media: Upgraded to intel-media-20.1.0. 7 月之前
ipykernel l/ipykernel: Upgraded to ipykernel-5.3.0. 7 月之前
ipython-genutils l/ipython-genutils: Removed Python2 support. 7 月之前
jinja2 l/jinja2: Upgraded to jinja2-2.11.2. 7 月之前
josepy l/josepy: Upgraded to josepy-1.3.0. 7 月之前
jupyter-client l/jupyter-client: Upgraded to jupyter-client-6.1.3. 7 月之前
jupyter-core l/jupyter-core: Upgraded to jupyter-core-4.6.3. 7 月之前
jupyter-nbconvert l/jupyter-nbconvert: Removed Python2 support. 7 月之前
jupyter-nbformat l/jupyter-nbformat: Upgraded to jupyter-nbformat-5.0.7. 7 月之前
lgi /lgi: Upgraded to lgi-0.9.2. 1 年之前
libass Do not ship .la files. 7 月之前
libassuan l/libassuan: Upgraded to libassuan-2.5.4. 2 月之前
libatlas l/libatlas: Upgraded to libatlas-3.10.3. 1 年之前
libdaemon Do not ship .la files. 7 月之前
libebml l/libebml: Upgraded to libebml-1.3.10. 7 月之前
libetpan Do not ship .la files. 7 月之前
libfm Do not ship .la files. 7 月之前
libfm-extra Do not ship .la files. 7 月之前
libgcrypt l/libgcrypt: Upgraded to libgcrypt-1.9.0. 6 天之前
libgdata l/libgdata: Upgraded to libgdata-0.17.12. 7 月之前
libgee Do not ship .la files. 7 月之前
libgfshare Do not ship .la files. 7 月之前
libgpg-error l/libgpg-error: Upgraded to libgpg-error-1.41. 1 月之前
libksba n/libksba: Upgraded to libksba-1.5.0. 2 月之前
liblo Do not ship .la files. 7 月之前
liblrdf Do not ship .la files. 7 月之前
libmatroska l/libmatroska: Upgraded to libmatroska-1.5.2. 1 年之前
libmaxminddb Do not ship .la files. 7 月之前
liboauth Do not ship .la files. 7 月之前
libofx Do not ship .la files. 7 月之前
libostree Do not ship .la files. 7 月之前
libringclient l/libringclient: Upgraded to libringclient-20200619.2. 7 月之前
libseccomp Really do not ship .la files. 7 月之前
libvdpau-va-gl l/libvdpau-va-gl: Added libvpdau-va-gl-0.4.2. 1 年之前
libxdg-basedir Do not ship .la files. 7 月之前
libyubikey Do not ship .la files. 7 月之前
lilv-0 l/lilv-0: Upgraded to lilv-0.24.6. 1 年之前
lurch l/lurch: Upgraded to lurch-0.6.8. 2 年之前
lv2 l/lv2: Upgraded to lv2-1.18.0. 7 月之前
markupsafe l/markupsafe: Remove Python2 support. 7 月之前
matplotlib l/matplotlib: Must be built with patched d/Cython. 7 月之前
menu-cache Do not ship .la files. 7 月之前
mlt l/mlt: Upgraded to mlt-6.20.0. 7 月之前
movit Do not ship .la files. 7 月之前
mxml l/mxml: Upgraded to mxml-3.1. 7 月之前
npth l/npth: Upgraded to npth-1.6. 2 年之前
numexpr l/numexpr: Upgraded to numexpr-2.7.1. 7 月之前
numpy l/numpy: Upgraded to numpy-1.18.5. 7 月之前
omero-figure l/omero-figure: Patched for Python 3.8 support. 6 月之前
omero-marshal l/omero-marshal: Upgraded to omero-marshal-0.7.0. 1 年之前
opencv l/opencv: Upgraded to opencv-4.3.0. 7 月之前
pandas l/pandas: Upgraded to pandas-1.0.5. 7 月之前
pcsc-lite Do not ship .la files. 7 月之前
pmw l/pmw: Removed Python2 support. 7 月之前
psycopg2 l/psycopg2: Upgraded to psycopg2-2.8.5. 7 月之前
pyasn1 l/pyasn1: Removed Python2 support. 7 月之前
pyasn1-modules l/pyasn1-modules: Removed Python2 support. 7 月之前
pybind11 l/pybind11: Upgraded to pybind-2.5.0. 7 月之前
pycodestyle l/pycodestyle: Upgraded to pycodestyle-2.6.0. 7 月之前
pycparser l/pycparser: Upgraded to pycparser-2.20. 7 月之前
pycryptodome l/pycryptodome: Upgraded to pycryptodome-3.9.7. 7 月之前
pydocstyle l/pydocstyle: Upgraded to pydocstyle-5.0.2. 7 月之前
pyflakes l/pyflakes: Upgraded to pyflakes-2.2.0. 7 月之前
pygments l/pygments: Added pygments-2.6.1. 7 月之前
pyopenssl l/pyopenssl: Upgraded to pyopenssl-19.1.0. 7 月之前
pyqtgraph l/pyqtgraph: Upgraded to pyqtgraph-0.11.0. 7 月之前
pyrfc3339 l/pyrfc3339: Removed Python2 support. 7 月之前
pyrsistent l/pyrsistent: Upgraded to pyrsistent-0.16.0. 7 月之前
pyscard l/pyscard: Removed Python2 support. 7 月之前
pysocks l/pysocks: Removed Python2 support. 7 月之前
pytables l/pytables: Upgraded to pytables-3.6.1. 7 月之前
python-aafigure l/python-aafigure: Removed Python2 support. 7 月之前
python-acme l/python-acme: Upgraded to python-acme-1.5.0. 7 月之前
python-alabaster l/python-alabaster: Remove Python2 support. 7 月之前
python-atomicwrites l/python-atomicwrites: Upgraded to python-atomicwrites-1.4.0. 7 月之前
python-attrs l/python-attrs: Removed Python2 support. 7 月之前
python-babel l/python-babel: Upgraded to python-babel-2.8.0. 7 月之前
python-backcall l/python-backcall: Upgraded to python-backcall-0.2.0. 7 月之前
python-black l/python-black: Added python-black-19.10b0. 7 月之前
python-bleach l/python-bleach: Upgraded to python-bleach-3.1.5. 7 月之前
python-cffi l/python-cffi: Upgraded to python-cffi-1.14.0. 7 月之前
python-cheroot l/python-cheroot: Added python-cheroot-8.3.0. 7 月之前
python-click l/python-click: Upgraded to python-click-7.1.2. 7 月之前
python-click-log l/python-click-log: Removed Python2 support. 7 月之前
python-click-shell l/python-click-shell: Added python-click-shell-2.0. 1 月之前
python-click-threading l/python-click-threading: Removed Python2 support. 7 月之前
python-configargparse l/python-configargparse: Upgraded to python-configargparse-1.2.3. 7 月之前
python-configobj l/python-configobj: Remove Python2 support. 7 月之前
python-cryptography l/python-cryptography: Upgraded to python-cryptography-2.9.2. 7 月之前
python-cycler l/python-cycler: Removed Python2 support. 7 月之前
python-dateutil l/python-dateutil: Removed Python2 support. 7 月之前
python-decorator l/python-decorator: Upgraded to python-decorator-4.4.2. 7 月之前
python-defusedxml l/python-defusedxml: Removed Python2 support. 7 月之前
python-deprecated l/python-deprecated: Upgraded to python-deprecated-1.2.10. 7 月之前
python-distlib l/python-distlib: Added python-distlib-0.3.0. 9 月之前
python-entrypoints l/python-entrypoints: Updated. 7 月之前
python-feedparser l/python-feedparser: Added python-feedparser-5.2.1. 7 月之前
python-fido2 l/python-fido2: Removed Python2 support. 7 月之前
python-filelock l/python-filelock: Added python-filelock-3.0.12. 9 月之前
python-flake8 l/python-flake8: Upgraded to python-flake8-3.8.3. 7 月之前
python-flake8-black l/python-flake8-black: Added python-flake8-black-0.2.1. 5 月之前
python-flake8-blind-except l/python-flake8-blind-except: Updated. 1 年之前
python-flake8-bugbear l/python-flake8-bugbear: Added python-flake8-bugbear-20.1.4. 7 月之前
python-flake8-comprehensions l/python-flake8-comprehensions: Upgraded to python-flake8-comprehensions-3.2.3. 7 月之前
python-flake8-docstrings l/python-flake8-docstrings: Upgraded to python-flake8-docstrings-1.5.0. 1 年之前
python-flake8-implicit-str-concat l/python-flake8-implicit-str-concat: Added python-flake8-implicit-str-concat-0.1.0. 7 月之前
python-flake8-polyfill l/python-flake8-polyfill: Updated. 1 年之前
python-flake8-quotes l/python-flake8-quotes: Added python-flake8-quotes-3.2.0. 7 月之前
python-flake8-rst-docstrings l/python-flake8-rst-docstrings: Upgraded to python-flake8-rst-docstrings-0.0.13. 7 月之前
python-geoip2 l/python-geoip2: Removed Python2 support. 7 月之前
python-humanize l/python-humanize: Upgraded to python-humanize-2.4.0. 7 月之前
python-icalendar l/python-icalendar: Upgraded to python-icalendar-4.0.6. 7 月之前
python-imagesize l/pyhon-imagesize: Upgraded to python-imagesize-1.2.0. 7 月之前
python-iso639 l/python-iso639: Removed Python2 support. 7 月之前
python-iso3166 l/python-iso3166: Upgraded to pythin-iso3166-1.0.1. 7 月之前
python-isodate l/python-isodate: Removed Python2 support. 7 月之前
python-jaraco.classes l/python-jaraco.text: Added python-jaraco.text-3.1.0. 7 月之前
python-jaraco.collections l/python-jaraco.collections: Added python-jaraco.collections-3.0.0. 7 月之前
python-jaraco.functools l/python-jaraco.functools: Added python-jaraco.functools-3.0.1. 7 月之前
python-jaraco.text l/python-jaraco.text: Added python-jaraco.text-3.1.0. 7 月之前
python-javabridge l/python-javabridge: Added python-javabridge-4.0.0. 3 月之前
python-jedi l/python-jedi: Upgraded to python-jedi-0.17.1. 7 月之前
python-jeepney l/python-jeepney: Upgraded to python-jeepney-0.4.3. 7 月之前
python-json5 l/python-json5: Upgraded to python-json5-0.9.5. 7 月之前
python-jsonschema l/python-jsonschema: Upgraded to python-jsonschema-3.2.0. 7 月之前
python-keyring l/python-keyring: Upgraded to python-keyring-21.2.1. 7 月之前
python-kiwisolver l/python-kiwisolver: Upgraded to python-kiwisolver-1.2.0. 7 月之前
python-lqrt l/python-lqrt: Added python-lqrt-0.3.2. 7 月之前
python-markdown l/python-markdown: Upgraded to python-markdown-3.2.2. 7 月之前
python-maxminddb l/python-maxminddb: Upgraded to python-maxminddb-1.5.4. 7 月之前
python-mccabe l/python-mccabe: Removed Python2 support. 7 月之前
python-mistune l/python-mistune: Removed Python2 support. 7 月之前
python-more-itertools l/python-more-itertools: Upgraded to python-more-itertools-8.3.0. 7 月之前
python-pandocfilters l/python-pandocfilters: Removed Python2 support. 7 月之前
python-parsedatetime l/python-parsedatetime: Upgraded to python-parsedatetime-2.6. 7 月之前
python-parso l/python-parso: Upgraded to python-parso-0.7.0. 7 月之前
python-pathspec l/python-pathspec: Added python-pathspec-0.8.0. 7 月之前
python-patsy l/python-patsy: Removed Python2 support. 7 月之前
python-pexpect l/python-pexpect: Upgraded to python-pexpect-4.8.0. 7 月之前
python-pickleshare l/python-pickleshare: Removed Python2 support. 7 月之前
python-pkginfo l/python-pkginfo: Removed Python2 support. 7 月之前
python-portend l/python-portend: Added python-portend-2.6. 7 月之前
python-prometheus-client l/python-prometheus-client: Upgraded to python-prometheus-client-0.8.0. 7 月之前
python-prompt-toolkit l/python-prompt-toolkit: Upgraded to python-prompt-toolkit-3.0.5. 7 月之前
python-ptyprocess l/python-ptyprocess: Removed Python2 support. 7 月之前
python-readme_renderer l/python-readme_renderer: Upgraded to python-readme_renderer-26.0. 7 月之前
python-regex l/python-regex: Added python-regex-2020.6.8. 7 月之前
python-requests-toolbelt l/python-requests-toolbelt: Removed Python2 support. 7 月之前
python-restructuredtext-lint l/python-restructuredtext-lint: Upgraded to python-restructuredtext-lint-1.3.1. 7 月之前
python-secretstorage l/python-secretstorage: Upgraded to python-secretstorage-3.1.2. 7 月之前
python-send2trash l/python-send2trash: Removed Python2 support. 7 月之前
python-sjcl l/python-sjcl: Removed Python2 support. 7 月之前
python-statsmodels l/python-statsmodels: Upgraded to python-statsmodels-0.11.1. 7 月之前
python-tabulate l/python-tabulate: Upgraded to python-tabulate-0.8.7. 7 月之前
python-tempora l/python-tempora: Added python-tempora-3.0.0. 7 月之前
python-terminado l/python-terminado: Removed Python2 support. 7 月之前
python-testpath l/python-testpath: Removed Python2 support. 7 月之前
python-toml l/python-toml: Added python-toml-0.10.1. 7 月之前
python-tqdm l/python-tqdm: Upgraded to python-tqdm-4.46.1. 7 月之前
python-traitlets l/python-traitlets: Removed Python2 support. 7 月之前
python-typed-ast l/python-typed-ast: Added python-typed-ast-1.4.1. 7 月之前
python-tzlocal l/python-tzlocal: Upgraded to python-tzlocal-2.1. 7 月之前
python-unidecode l/python-unidecode: Removed Python2 support. 7 月之前
python-vobject l/python-vobject: Removed Python2 support. 7 月之前
python-wcwidth l/python-wcwidth: Upgraded to python-wcwidth-0.2.4. 7 月之前
python-webcolors l/python-webcolors: Added python-webcolors-1.11.1. 9 月之前
python-webencodings l/python-webencodings: Removed Python2 support. 7 月之前
python-websocket-client l/python-websocket-client: Upgraded to python-websocket-client-0.57.0. 7 月之前
python-wrapt l/python-wrapt: Upgraded to python-wrapt-1.12.1. 7 月之前
python-zc.lockfile l/python-zc.lockfile: Added python-zc.lockfile-2.0. 7 月之前
pytz l/pytz: Upgraded to pytz-2020.1. 7 月之前
pyusb l/pyusb: Removed Python2 support. 7 月之前
pyyaml l/pyyaml: Upgraded to pyyaml-5.3.1. 7 月之前
pyzmq l/pyzmq: Upgraded to pyzmq-19.0.1. 7 月之前
qrencode Do not ship .la files. 7 月之前
qtkeychain l/qtkeychain: Upgraded to qtkeychain-0.10.0. 7 月之前
reportlab l/reportlab: Upgraded to reportlab-3.5.42. 7 月之前
ruamel.yaml l/ruamel.yaml: Upgraded to ruamel.yaml-0.16.10. 7 月之前
ruamel.yaml.clib l/ruamel.yaml.clib: Removed Python2 support. 7 月之前
sabyenc l/sabyenc: Upgraded to sabyenc-4.0.2. 7 月之前
scipy l/scipy: Upgraded to scipy-1.5.0. 7 月之前
scute l/scute: Upgraded to scute-1.7.0. 2 週之前
seaborn l/seaborn: Upgraded to seaborn-0.10.1. 7 月之前
serd-0 l/serd-0: Upgraded to serd-0.30.2. 1 年之前
snowballstemmer l/snowballstemmer: Remove Python2 support. 7 月之前
sord-0 l/sord-0: Upgraded to sord-0.16.4. 1 年之前
sphinx-rtd-theme l/sphinx-rtd-theme: Remove Python2 support. 7 月之前
sphinxcontrib-applehelp l/sphinxcontrib-applehelp: Added sphinxcontrib-applehelp-1.0.2. 7 月之前
sphinxcontrib-devhelp l/sphinxcontrib-devhelp: Added sphinxcontrib-devhelp-1.0.2. 7 月之前
sphinxcontrib-htmlhelp l/sphinxcontrib-htmlhelp: Added sphinxcontrib-htmlhelp-1.0.3. 7 月之前
sphinxcontrib-jsmath l/sphinxcontrib-jsmath: Added sphinxcontrib-jsmath-1.0.1. 7 月之前
sphinxcontrib-qthelp l/sphinxcontrib-qthelp: Added sphinxcontrib-qthelp-1.0.3. 7 月之前
sphinxcontrib-serializinghtml l/sphinxcontrib-serializinghtml: Added sphinxcontrib-serializinghtml-1.1.4. 7 月之前
sphinxcontrib-websupport l/sphinxcontrib-websupport: Upgraded to sphinxcontrib-websupport-1.2.2. 7 月之前
sratom-0 l/sratom-0: Upgraded to sratom-0.6.4. 1 年之前
suil-0 l/suil-0: Updated dependencies. 7 月之前
tpm2-abrmd Do not ship .la files. 7 月之前
tpm2-pkcs11 l/tpm2-pkcs11: Upgraded to tpm2-pkcs11-1.2.0. 8 月之前
tpm2-tss Do not ship .la files. 7 月之前
tpm2-tss-engine l/tpm2-tss-engine: Added tpm2-tss-engine-1.0.1. 1 年之前
tqt3 Do not ship .la files. 7 月之前
urwid l/urwid: Updated. 7 月之前
vtk l/vtk: Patched and updated dependencies. 7 月之前
webkit2 l/webkit2: Upgraded to webkit2-2.28.2. 7 月之前
webvfx l/webvfx: Upgraded to webvfx-1.2.0. 7 月之前
wxpython l/wxpython: Added wxpython-4.1.0. 3 月之前
wxwidgets-gtk l/wxwidgets-gtk: Upgraded to wxwidgets-gtk-3.1.3. 1 年之前
x264 l/x264: Upgraded to x264-r22fcbe1. 7 月之前
xcb-util-xrm Do not ship .la files. 7 月之前
xdg-desktop-portal l/xdg-desktop-portal: Added xdg-desktop-portal-1.8.0. 4 月之前
xdg-desktop-portal-gtk l/xdg-desktop-portal-gtk: Added xdg-desktop-portal-gtk-1.8.0. 4 月之前
yaml-cpp l/yaml-cpp: Upgraded to yaml-cpp-0.6.3. 1 年之前
zeromq Do not ship .la files. 7 月之前
zope.component l/zope.component: Upgraded to zope.component-4.6.1. 7 月之前
zope.deferredimport l/zope.deferredimport: Removed Python2 support. 7 月之前
zope.deprecation l/zope.deprecation: Removed Python2 support. 7 月之前
zope.event l/zope.event: Removed Python2 support. 7 月之前
zope.hookable l/zope.hookable: Upgraded to zope.hookable-5.0.1. 7 月之前
zope.interface l/zope.interface: Upgraded to zope.interface-5.1.0. 7 月之前
zope.proxy l/zope.proxy: Upgraded to zope.proxy-4.3.5. 7 月之前
zxcvbn-c l/zxcvbn-c: Upgraded to zxcvbn-c-2.4. 1 年之前
zxcvbn-cpp l/zxcvbn-cpp: Removed Python2 support. 7 月之前