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@ -12,19 +12,11 @@ version of Slackware. Normally, only one branch is “active” at any given tim
the branch for whatever version of Slackware I am currently using—I do not
maintain my SlackBuilds for other versions.
The current active branch is *current-20200608*. This branch targets a
snapshot of Slackware-current taken on 8 June 2020. Note that I do not *track*
-current: those SlackBuilds will *not* be regularly updated to reflect changes
happening on -current. Instead, after an arbitrarily defined period of time, I
will take another snapshot of -current and use that as the new target version,
and progressively update all the SlackBuilds accordingly. I will repeat that
until Slackware-15.0 is released.
The current active branch is *slackware-15.0*.
The *slackware-14.2* branch is now mostly inactive as I have switched to
-current. However, as an exception to the above rule about maintaining
SlackBuilds for one version only, I still maintain—for now at least—all the
SlackBuilds in that branch related to the modern branch of *GnuPG* (that is,
*n/gnupg* itself and all its dependencies).
I used to maintain SlackBuilds for “modern” (≥ 2.2) versions of GnuPG for
Slackware 14.2 in the *slackware-14.2* branch. As of February 2022, after the
release of Slackware-15.0, I do not maintain those SlackBuilds anymore.