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SlackBuild scripts for Slackware
Those are [SlackBuilds](
that I wrote for my Slackware installations.
Target Slackware versions
Each branch in this repository contains SlackBuild targeting a specific
version of Slackware. Normally, only one branch is “active” at any given time:
the branch for whatever version of Slackware I am currently using—I do not
maintain my SlackBuilds for other versions.
The current active branch is *current-20191101*. This branch targets a
snapshot of Slackware-current taken on 1 November 2019. Note that I do not
*track* -current: those SlackBuilds will *not* be regularly updated to reflect
changes happening on -current. Instead, after an arbitrarily defined period of
time, I will take another snapshot of -current and use that as the new target
version, and progressively update all the SlackBuilds accordingly. I will
repeat that until Slackware-15.0 is released.
The *slackware-14.2* branch is now mostly inactive as I have switched to
-current. However, as an exception to the above rule about maintaining
SlackBuilds for one version only, I still maintain—for now at least—all the
SlackBuilds in that branch related to the modern branch of *GnuPG* (that is,
*n/gnupg* itself and all its dependencies).
All those SlackBuilds are primarily intended for my own usage. Of course
everyone is free to use them as they see fit, but please understand that
you’re doing that at your own risks.
I used to also provide pre-compiled packages, which I made available as a
*slapt-get*-compatible source directory. I don’t advertise those packages
anymore and the publication of the directory is discontinued.
All my SlackBuilds are distributed under the terms of a 1-clause BSD like
license, which is included in each SlackBuild script.
Homepage and repository
The homepage is located at The
repository is available online at