´s plotting helper library
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Incenp.plotting -´s plotting helper library

Incenp.plotting, also called pyplot (but incenp.plotting is preferred as it less likely to clash with another Python package) is a Python library providing helper functions to facilitate the creation of special kinds of plots with Matplotlib.

Available modules

  • Provides a barplot function to create bar plots from a multi-indexed Pandas data frame.
  • incenp.plotting.scatter: Provides a scatterplot function to create scatter plots from a multi-indexed Pandas data frame.
  • incenp.plotting.util: Helper functions used in the other modules, but which can also be used directly. This module provides notably a xdistr function to facilitate creating scatter plots.


The docs directory contains a draft documentation with some examples of what the library allows to do. An online copy of the documentation is available on


Incenp.plotting is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License, version 3 or higher. The full license is included in the COPYING file of the source distribution.

Homepage and repository

The project is located at The latest source code is available in a Git repository at