KORG microX utility.
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.TH ASYSEX 02/04/2012 "asysex"
asysex - A SysEx Utility
.SY asysex
.RB [ \-h | --help ]
.RB [ \-v | --version ]
.RB [ \-p | --port
.IR port ]
.RB [ \-I | --inquiry ]
.B asysex
reads hexadecimal SysEx messages from standard input, sents
them to a specified MIDI port and reads back and prints out
a single SysEx message.
.BR -h ", " --help
Display the help message.
.BR -v ", " --version
Display the version message.
.BR -p ", " --port " " \fIport\fR
Connect to the specified MIDI \fIport\fR.
.BR -I ", " --inquiry
Identify the connected MIDI device and exit.
.B asysex
expects hexadecimal input. All characters others than [0-9],
[a-f] and [A-F] are ignored. The \(aq#\(aq character
introduces a comment which lasts until the next end-of-line,
and in which all characters are ignored, including
hexadecimal characters. Two hexadecimal characters (even
separated by other characters or a comment) are read as a
single byte.
The first byte \fBmust\fR be \(aqF0\(aq (\(lqSysEx message
begin\(rq), and the last byte \fBmust\fR be \(aqF7\(aq
(\(lqSysEx message end\(rq).
The following examples are valid input:
F0 7F000401007F F7 # Set Master Volume
# Send a Program Parameter Dump Request to a Korg device
F0 # Begin of SysEx message
42 # Korg ID
30 # Global MIDI channel is 1
7A # End of SysEx header
1C # Function is Program Parameter Dump
2 # Dump a single Program
1 # Select Bank B
09 # Select Program 10
00 # Reserved
F7 # End of SysEx message
Report bugs to
.MT dgouttegattat@incenp.org
Damien Goutte-Gattat
.ME .
.ad l
Copyright \(co 2012 Damien Goutte-Gattat
This program is released under the GNU General Public License.
See the COPYING file in the source distribution or
.UR http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl.html
.UE .