Plugins for ImageJ.
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Changes in incenp-plugins-0.9.0
* Support chaining ChannelMasker objects.
* Breaking: Do not invert image after nuclei segmentation.
* Breaking: New interface for masking operations.
* Support local thresholding algorithms.
* Breaking: Use white pixels when extracting volumes.
Changes in incenp-plugins-0.8.4
* Speed up some masking operations.
* Allow to invert the meaning of black/white pixels in binary masks.
* Add the MASKTHR operation to the ChannelMasker.
* A single ChannelMasker can now be applied to images with different
channel orders.
Changes in incenp-plugins-0.8.2
* BatchReader: New interface to access row contents.
Changes in incenp-plugins-0.8.1
* Unified_Merge: Use a scrollable panel for channel settings.
* BatchReader: Throw IOException if an image file does not exist.
* Channelmasker: New COMBINE and INVERT operations.
* New documentation powered by the Maven Site plugin.
Changes in incenp-plugins-0.8.0
* Convert the plugins to the ImageJ2 plugins API.
* Merge the former incenp-ij-libaux class library.
Changes in incenp-plugins 0.7.6
* Draw labels over a black background.
* Use label size value as read from the preferences.
* Fix position of labels for individual channels.
* Add draft manual.
Changes in incenp-plugins 0.7.5
* Add the "Copy overlay only once" option.
* Fix out-of-bounds exception in the Extended_Panel plugin.
* Fix some compile-time issues.
Changes in incenp-plugins 0.7.4
* Fix incorrect placement of labels.
Changes in incenp-plugins 0.7.3
* Allow Extended_Panel to work with 1-frame images.
Changes in incenp-plugins 0.7.2
* Add the "Offset first frame" option.
* Add the "Use 00:00 format" option.
Changes in incenp-plugins 0.7.1
* Save more settings in the preferences.