Tools to make secret sharing easier.
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Changes in gfsecret 0.4.2
* Fix a crash upon error in LibMTP.
* Write user-specified config file in config directory by default.
* Refuse to overwrite a pre-existing config file.
Changes in gfsecret 0.4.1
* Add the -i, --interactive option to gfsec-split.
Changes in gfsecret 0.4.0
* Add a -k, --keep option to gfsec-use.
* Replace gfsec-split's -s option by position arguments.
Changes in gfsecret 0.3.1
* Fix randomly-occuring crash when using MTP-backed shares.
Changes in gfsecret 0.3.0
* Improve error messages.
* Add the gfsec-split program.
Changes in gfsecret 0.2.0
* Check share data against SHA-256 hash.