LaTeX package for fly genetics.
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Flygenet - Fly genetics notation for LaTeX

Flygenet is a LaTeX package intended to make it easier to typeset fly genotypes with the conventional math-like notation used by fly geneticists.

Genotypes are typeset in math mode but with a syntax that is lighter than the usual syntax of LaTeX math mode.


Simply run LaTeX on the source file flygenet.dtx file, then move the generated package file (flygenet.sty) into a directory searched by LaTeX.

Alternatively, running make install in the source directory will generate both the package file and the PDF manual, and will place them into a directory tree ready to be copied to a TeX directory.

If you are using TeXLive, youll probably need to run mktexlsr to make sure LaTeX can find the newly added files.


Import the package:


The main macro is \genotype. It accepts a description of the genotype where / is used to separate the two chromosomes of a chromosome pairs and ; is used to separate chromosome pairs. Here is an example:

\genotype{FM7, B^1; Bc Gla/CyO, y^+; MKRS, Sb/TM6, Tb Hu}


Flygenet is distributed under the LaTeX Project Public License, version 1.3c. The full license is included in the source distribution and in the generated manual.

Homepage and repository

Tarballs of the source distribution can be found on The latest source code is available at