Support for some binary sequence formats for BioPython.
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BinSeqs - Support for binary sequence formats in Bioython

BinSeqs is a Python package intended to enrich the SeqIO framework from Biopython by adding support for some binary sequence formats.

Formats supported

  • xdna format, used by DNA Strider and Serial Cloner: reading and writing supported
  • snapgene format, used by SnapGene: reading support only


The BinSeqs parsers and writers are not designed to be used independently and should instead be used through the Biopython's SeqIO module.

Simply import the module to make the parsers and writers available to Biopython's SeqIO:

from Bio import SeqIO

records = list(SeqIO.parse('snapgene_file.dna', 'snapgene'))
SeqIO.write(records, 'serialcloner_file.xdna', 'xdna')


BinSeqs is free software and distributed under the terms of a BSD-like license. The full license is included in the LICENSE.txt file of the source distribution.


The project is located at (homepage) and (repository and bug tracker).