A Beamer theme for cryptoparty presentations.
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DESTDIR = dist
STYFILES = beamerthemecpldn.sty beamerouterthemecpldn.sty beamerinnerthemecpldn.sty beamercolorthemecpldn.sty
all: $(STYFILES) beamer-cpldn.pdf
sample: sample.pdf
$(STYFILES) beamer-cpldn.glo: beamer-cpldn.dtx lppl-1-3c.tex
latexmk -lualatex $<
beamer-cpldn.gls: beamer-cpldn.glo
makeindex -s gglo.ist -o $@ $<
beamer-cpldn.pdf: beamer-cpldn.dtx beamer-cpldn.gls
latexmk -lualatex $<
sample.pdf: sample.tex $(STYFILES) cpldn-logo.png
latexmk -lualatex $<
cpldn-logo.png: cpldn-logo.svg
inkscape -z -D -e $@ $<
install: beamer-cpldn.pdf $(STYFILES) cpldn-logo.png
mkdir -p $(DESTDIR)/src/latex/beamer-cpldn
mkdir -p $(DESTDIR)/doc/latex/beamer-cpldn
mkdir -p $(DESTDIR)/tex/latex/beamer-cpldn
install -m 644 beamer-cpldn.dtx lppl-1-3c.tex Makefile $(DESTDIR)/src/latex/beamer-cpldn
install -m 644 beamer-cpldn.pdf $(DESTDIR)/doc/latex/beamer-cpldn
install -m 644 $(STYFILES) $(DESTDIR)/tex/latex/beamer-cpldn
install -m 644 cpldn-logo.png $(DESTDIR)/tex/latex/beamer-cpldn
rm -f *.{aux,fls,glo,gls,idx,ilg,ind,log,nav,out,snm,toc,fdb_latexmk}
mrproper: clean
rm -f beamer-cpldn.pdf $(STYFILES) cpldn-logo.png sample.pdf
.PHONY: clean mrproper